Refocus: Trump & Churchianity

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Refocus: Trump & Churchianity

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Mastering ubuntu distros

HTC One gift from a friend after helping his computer run faster

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Mapping out the coming novel

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Two great speeches…

Trump’s teaching is dominating the scene… says political stuff, so I don’t think I need to say it.

Mike Bickle gave a great response to SCOTUS (contrast to the non-Sunday hating from his absence)

I’m focusing on the problem with Churchianity. The Church needs to reinvent. I am shifting my focus away from politics to focusing on the problem with the Church. I don’t lack knowledge of politics. I wrote the book The People’s Party. But right now, Trump is finally saying what needs to be said and he is addressing the issues of the day better than I could. So, I’m thrilled because I can focus on what needs to be said concerning the problems of the Church.

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