Nacho Sauce

Nacho sauce makes nachos boss.
What do yours wear so they never get lost?

Whatever you cross with your macho bits,
it’s not your loss how your nacho sits.

Take them as creamy, sort them all nice,
cook them up steamy, or even with rice!

Eat them in Italy, or in a hickory,
or in a slippery, flickery wok!

Nachos with salsa are saucy and tossy,
cheesy and gleamy feel flossy and sometimes outright naughty!

Don’t show a care what your nachos must wear,
rated or baited or eat them plain naked!

Cilantro avocado, or ranch El Dorado,
freshly or oily or smeared guacamole!

Olives, onions—red, green, black, or white,
no telling what makes your nacho delight.

Drape them with beans or beef that’s not lean,
jalapenos that scream and then make you dream.

Cheddar or mozz, or Swiss if you’re bold,
Colby or Jack, or both if you’re told.

Microwave’s easy, just turn them each minute,
or bake them ‘til golden in brick ovens molten.  · · · →

Head Always Up

Head Always Up

Lasting growth can’t happen without a generator. To progress, you must maintain a positive posture in the face of the highest rejection, and then keep going. When your happiness depends on results, your results will spiral. Actually, your results depend on your happiness, so you must keep your happiness independent of results.

This wisdom goes back to Genesis, when God gave the first business advice. He told Cain that if you do well, your work will be accepted, but if not, be careful because sin is waiting to catch you. That’s why the successful keep their heads up no matter what.  · · · →

Hope in Confidence

Hope in Confidence

All relations require boldness. A friend may be hurting, but you see no evidence. A business client may need something, but you see no evidence. In this, you hear a calm voice telling you, “Suggest,” or, “Wait,” or, “Patience.” The voice isn’t lying, but believing requires confidence.

When in need, we don’t send honest signals. Sad people look angry. Lonely people look arrogant. Arrogant people seem humble. Confused people act bossy. Insecure people perform like rock stars; many are.

It takes blind trust to see the evidence, perhaps a little experience can help us be certain. Confidence opens up hope.  · · · →

Walk Right In

Walk Right In

The next doorway to cross through is easy; just head on in. Getting there was the hard part. Once you’re inside, get right to work. But, don’t let the threshold seem more difficult than it is. Just one step—that’s all you need.

Seasonal changes are like this. What we got used to retrained our habits. Over years, we re-learned a way to work and survive and thrive, but then comes this change for what we strove for all along. You wouldn’t drive your car through your living room. So, open the car door, then the house door, then enter.  · · · →