Rolling Patience

Rolling Patience

Taking surprises is connected to patience. Rolling with punches means being fluid—something patience requires. Things never happen how we expect; if they do then we should be suspicious. Navigating life means going with the flow. If you can’t learn that, you’ll want to give up. If you can, then you will see every surprise as an opportunity to become more fluid. And, being fluid is its own reward.

You know the feeling of being on a calm ocean or a beach or a high overlook in nature. If you can be fluid, then you can become that calmness yourself.  · · · →

Share Silence

Share Silence

Conversation can be good. Teaching can be good. Learning can be good. Stillness in our time alone can be good. But, shared silence can also be good.

If silence is golden, shared silence is platinum. We have a need to be with other people and for silence. Putting the two together—to enjoy mutual silence—is part of what it means to “just be with” people. No relationship has any constant need to teach, antagonize, energize, encourage, or even support—except that relationships require being with someone. The “be with” part is the only constant. Sometimes, practice just that part.  · · · →

Walk Upward

It’s a tactic, used for both good and bad. When a problem arises, ignore the problem and focus like a laser on improving your own skill. If you are a mechanic, ignore the riots and read a shop manual. If you’re a manager, ignore reports of election fraud and re-read “Who Moved My Cheese?”. If you work in food service or a factory, focus on your hobby. Focus on your own attitude.

Some people do this to a fault. They improve themselves so much that they ignore the problems of the world. Good or bad, self-growth makes people that strong.  · · · →

Don’t Mind

The ability to just not care is almost like a superpower. It sends a message of immovability and confidence, probably in self, but the confidence could be placed in something else—like God. Not caring sends this message for good reason.

Most of us walk around with an inner turmoil—a storm rages within each of us, full of fear, worry, and doubt of someone or something or self. That storm makes us hypersensitive to the normal world around us. So, it is not really life or circumstance we don’t need to mind. The thing we needn’t mind is within.  · · · →