Dream about Obama: Change

On the second night of a three-day fast, I had a dream I was with the Obama’s, Michelle and Barack.

I looked at Barack, pointed at him, he looked at me, and I said, “‘Change’ was your promise, and ‘change’ is God’s promise; their plan has been changed and your plan will not happen. You will change.”

He was stunned and didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t angry. He seemed to become friendlier, but dazed.

Then, I looked at Michelle. I knew. Michelle knew that I knew. And I knew that Michelle knew that I knew. I won’t share what I knew about Michelle, suffice to say that Michelle knew that I knew. We said nothing. And, that is all you need to know.

Then, I started to teach Barack what I was doing, at the time podcasting, because there wasn’t anything else for him to do since his life had changed.  · · · →

Construction February

I have been praying to the Lord for several months about wicked people and their evil goals. Over the last month, the Lord had been speaking to me about His response coming in February. I knew His response would be strong, but I had not idea what it would be.

Today, February 1, I saw it: Construction

There could be more coming from the Lord, but this part is also important. So, I’ll elaborate on “construction as strategy”…

All construction sites have similar effects, but consider road construction as one applicable example.

Road construction causes two things: 1. disrupted traffic, 2. strengthened infrastructure.

During any construction phase, it is difficult for anyone—locals or visitors, criminals or honest folk, civilians and governments. The Italian Job wouldn’t have worked so well if all the get-away streets had been closed for road construction. Imagine a movie chase scene when the characters suddenly run into road construction, regardless of who is pursuing who.  · · · →

Prophetic Dream: Wake up from Delusions of Entrenched Generations

I typically don’t like the “prophecy” genre in speeches and blogs. I’ll try to be concise with details and avoid excess superlatives.

I was dreaming, on a Bible college campus, watching the Dean make his rounds. He had a complex system of inventing rules “after the fact”, but he’d always get away with enforcing them as if everyone should have known better, when, actually, he was just playing “gotcha”. Student leaders and staff helped him. And, generally, he just made everyone angry—a professional ass.

I decided to reason with him, to convince him to stop giving injustice, to inject as much common sense into this lunatic as possible, even though it would be a very small amount, if I could inject any common sense at all. But nothing worked. As I looked at him, his face, not his voice, was my grandfather’s face—with two exceptions. He had three or four warts on his face.  · · · →

Elijah Code of Prophetic Conduct

This is a voluntary guide for “The Prophetic” or “Following God’s Leading” …depending on  one’s preferred choice of words.

“…the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Sweet words come from an aching heart. Revelation 10:10-11, 19:10

The “spirit of Elijah” is described in the final verse of the Old Testament as an introduction to John the Baptist, who would prepare the way of the Lord. This spirit is not Elijah or John’s conscious soul, but the “spirit” or, perhaps it could be called “attitude”, of that ministry: To turn the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the hearts of the sons to the fathers, lest the Lord strike the land with a decree of utter desolation.

1. Optional – The Elijah Code cannot be effectively used to threaten any prophet, nor to establish or remove him or her regarding an office, as a stand-alone document. It can only be imposed by an inquiring person, for one’s own, private curiosity and understanding, as an individual test to validate the legitimacy of another person who is an alleged prophet.  · · · →