How to Podcast

Podcasting involves innovation, skill, and tools.

Innovation always changes. Skill is about pronunciation, pauses, willingness to use out-of-comfort-zone on stage style of speaking, and listening to yourself (live via headphones, listen afterward). Lots has been written about these two.

This is an article about tools (with some extra thoughts about video and photos at the end)…

The Electro-Voice RE20 is coveted by many analog in-studio DJ’s and talk radio hosts. Podcasting, however, is digital. So, USB is pref! The key word is “condenser [mic]”.

You need:

  1. Mic-headphone gitup
  2. Foamyness and sound-proofing
  3. Recording software (free is good)

Here’s the list of hardware on Amazon…

Mic-Headphone Gitup


Cheap and easy for beginners — Blue Snowball

High-road (my choice) — Blue Yeti (Yetis love: shock mount, desk stand, pop filter – DO NOT get a suspension boom for less than $200. Cheap mic booms are too small; this desk stand w/ shock mount recipe is best budget option.)  · · · →