Another Reason I Switched to Open Source

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Another Reason I Switched to Open Source

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Rush’s Monday comments on the Pope fooling people: There is nothing wrong in what the Pope is saying. There could be a danger, however, if people decide that the Pope is “good” or “bad” based on this—if people judge the man rather than the message. Never trust anyone based on their words. Judge the message separately from the messenger. That will provide us with the clarity to discern such the times.

The Desk:

Moving completely to Ubuntu. Proprietary software companies don’t only want to control where you install their software—they want to control what you do with the stuff you make with their software. It includes, pictures, letters, fonts, logos… So, if I use free, open source software, such as SIL or Apache licenses, then there is no problem. “Free” doesn’t apply to money as much as it applies to “freedom” to use the software without another company controlling your letters and logos.

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Symphony has a graphic, finally!

Introducing: Obema Tip of the Week

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Aim better. You missed a few.

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