Pairrage, SCOTUScare, and the ‘Make Money’ Movement

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Pairrage, SCOTUScare, and the ‘Make Money’ Movement

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Went after Churchianity this week.

Went after IHOPKC for bad-mouthing the “Churchless Christians” who supported them.

Pulled a Churchianity podcast from Pacific Daily Times.

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A “Make Money” movement is coming. Mark these words. Not a marketing or sales pitch. It’s a real movement, like Tea Party, Occupy, or Civil Rights. It will be the response to the economy and Churchianity losing tax exempt status for “Church Mahal” buildings.

Trump’s way up after less than two weeks. That shouldn’t be ignored.

Flags: We worry too much… If you don’t like the flag, take it down. If you fly a flag just to make other people angry, you’ll probably succeed.

1. Not the actual Confederate flag, which was about rebellion first, specifically over slavery at that time, all other causes were secondary symbols.

2. To many people, a symbol from the Dukes of Hazzard about being a badass rebel who saves the day.

3. All flags have tyranny and grace, usually being remembered for their tyranny regardless of the proportions.

4. The stars-n-bars is somewhat of a bastard flag of American history, not having any one assigned meaning, mostly being left to interpretation, and slavery being the primary topic.

5. There is heavy manipulation going on. All this flag talk is a concocted distraction. If it is a real need, then the demand is tardy. Calling for it to be banished at this point, 150 years later, makes one appear to be somewhat slow on the uptake. Why weren’t you made about this when you were 10 years old? Because someone found a way to manipulate you and get you all excited at the time they orchestrated.

6. We worry too much about flags. The greater war of racism has many bigger, more strategic battles that need to be fought. Healing racial prejudice requires our energies go elsewhere.

7. I don’t care about flags. But, some people do. Maybe the coming war will change my position. If I can show my decency as a human being to others by not flying the stars-n-bars, then I won’t fly it.

SCOTUS & Health Care: The courts shot their feet off. They won’t be respected anymore. The problem isn’t the court’s decision, it’s the explanation. States will begin to set up devices to keep the Federal government out and many of them will succeed, which will tear the country apart. It’s all a shame and it’s happening very quickly. Fighting is increasing and it isn’t necessary.

SCOTUS & Pairrage: I never cared about stupid government laws, anyway.

1. Government shouldn’t even recognize marriage, it should be a personal choice between people and their God. Laws all over the world discriminate against unmarried people, especially tax and immigration law. That’s the bigger problem. Solving that bigger problem would have prevented the need for this case in the first place.

2. This is great for Christianity because it will take away Churchianity’s power to force people to act the way they want them to. Fake Christianity won’t fly anymore. If Christians don’t want people to be homosexual, they should pray, not force people to be fake. That’s all over now. Christians are going to actually need to do a good job of doing Christian things. The next thing Christians need is to lose their tax-exempt status, which will be another blessing.

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