Worldwide Hope in America’s Tea Party

The American Department of Homeland Security can’t decide whether to harass people who know better than to pull a stunt in an airport or illegal Mexicans running through Arizona. Having been in and out of Hong Kong International twice I can certainly say, the Chinese Communists are far more welcoming—and wise—in who they allow into their country. They stare through your eyes to profile your reaction. Chinese Communists are smarter and freer than America’s DHS. The brilliance indeed required to head such a department calls for a voter-driven demand for investigating the affiliations of policy makers.

The questions asked by Americans in the Tea Party movement are not far stretched from questions asked by the world for the last fifteen years or so. “What in the ‘world’ is America doing?”

Six months ago, expressing my sorrow over Obama would raise eyebrows in Hong Kong for why I didn’t support the messiah of change and future. Now, the world is more disappointed in him than they were in the DHS mess Obama inherited.

Obama apologized to the world for America’s past and the world hates us even more. The world doesn’t want our military in EVERY FREAKING CORNER OF THE EARTH. The world wants us to keep our promises, keep our Constitution, and keep our Homeland Security in our “HOME-land”.The world doesn’t want us to deflate our own currency. The world doesn’t like our pornographic interpretation of “free speech”. The world doesn’t like us voting in “fad”. The world doesn’t like Obama’s Marie Antoinette levels of deficit spent on luxury of the rulers. International airports can’t afford to spend the money to examine the genitals of every honest person on a flight to the USA.. twice. The world doesn’t want us punishing employers who want to create jobs through jealousy-calculated taxes. The world doesn’t like our ridiculous internal lawsuits that drive-up costs of dealing in and with our country. The world doesn’t like us thinking that we’re special because.. well.. we’re “us”.

But the world is not the only movement that thinks this way. Obama would apologize to the world for America not doing MORE of these things. Who in America also doesn’t want these things? The Tea Party.

The Tea Party stands for everything that the world wants America to stand for herself. The Tea Party, not Obama, is America’s own messiah and bridge to peace in the eyes of ourselves and our friends alike. Sometimes your friends see that booger in nose before you do. And when they point it out, they don’t want you to apologize for existing: They want you to be grateful that they pointed it out because you are their friend.

As you’re sitting at home, eating your hamburger—which is about to be outlawed in the Governator’s State of Calorie-fornia, know that the questions you are asking yourself about your own country are the key to regain trust in ourselves and good relations with our friends. We the people, not our president, are America’s Hope.

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