For some reason, 2018 really does feel like it’s going to be different. That feeling deviates from my normal New Years vibe. In all likelihood, that’s because 2018 will be different for me. But, is it only for me? I’m not sure, yet.

Korea faces reunification, mainly from a combination of pressure, threats, “caught in the acts”, and open diplomacy from the new South Korean president. Just remember, diplomacy alone wouldn’t have solved anything. Strength win wars; communication wins peace—never underestimate the importance of both. Once Korea unites, political polarities elsewhere will shift.

Then, there’s the moral issue.

I see more and more stories of nudism and hedonism among the wealthy and well-to-do. Dirty parties are a “thing” in Silicon Valley, apparently. But, it’s becoming a trend across the globe. That crowd argues “a natural” and “openness to new ideas”. I myself find a slight contradiction: Tech programmers understand the need for rules on some level, including code formats and tech security protocols. Simple email DNS records require at least three TXT declarations to get a good “spamminess” rating—but that’s too much tech talk.

Suffice it to say that “open relationships” are unabashedly trending toward the “new normal”. Their evangelists act as if everyone ought cheer them on, though every philosophy requires its counters. Without a counter, a philosophy wouldn’t be a philosophy.

Accordingly, on the flip, arguments and definitions for morals and ethics are also on the rise. People who live by moral codes that some might call “old school” have much better reasons than they did before. That, too, is a good thing.

Even 10 years ago, when a married couple decided to stay married, they did it because “that’s the way it should be”. Nowadays, they’ll talk about benefits of commitment. Even non-religious people want to teach their children Bible stories, merely as a moral base.

Why morals? Every “no” carries a “yes” and every “yes” carries a “no”. Choices, self-discipline, and patience can lead to the so-called “better” things. It’s all a matter of perspective and, in America more and more, there are two polarizing perspectives that are more and more different each year.

What will happen in morals and the Koreas? We’ll have to wait and see where which ideologies take their idealists. At the start of 2018, I just know that in both arenas, one side knows the other is fierce, the other side does not.