Dear China

The PointI write as a foreigner, an American, living as a guest in Taiwan—a nation with a similar history with you as Great Britain has with my own country.

When siblings have a dispute, they keep it between themselves. An older and younger brother may quarrel, but if anyone harms either brother, both brothers will stand together. Though brothers still have their disputes, they remain brothers. Their strengths cover each others’ weaknesses. In the end, they never seek to win a fight against each other, they seek to win friendship and reconciliation. Even in their grievances, they still give each other justice. Their conflict proves all the more that they love each other and that they are one family because they pay restitution with love.

The Taiwanese are your brothers.

You claim that Taiwan is a region under your government, yet, the Koreans disrespect that region in many sports leagues and you do not react as an older brother does. You may not have normalized relations with Taiwan, but you can treat other nations as if Taiwan is your own. Show your strength and justice in this: When other countries, like Korea, bully Taiwan in sports and trade, you should withdraw and protest such leagues and treaties. Protect Taiwan’s reputation even before you normalize relations with her government. If you do this, the world will know that you fear nothing and it will respect your justice.

In one sense, the Taiwanese government, despite her disrespected standing in the world, has had victory over you in the arena of economic prosperity per capita. In another sense, merely in that the Taiwanese government still exists, despite the best efforts of many. They have renown athletes around the world, boasting the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. They developed the much-loved Apple LCD displays and HTC phones. Yet, you have also proven your own worth, time and again, in your strength and standing, having a government that can actually remain in control of itself—something America is in the process of rediscovering. You and Taiwan each have things to learn from and teach each other: Taiwan, prosperity, and you, sovereignty.

Heed the wisdom of your own ancient teachers: Find victory by winning your opponent’s heart. Don’t win fights, win friendship and you will find a far greater respect than merely saving face—you’ll save family.

The strength of a government is not found in its ability to wage war, but to conclude peace. This is why I, as a Christian, hold my ultimate allegiance, not even in my own country, which has not resolved peace in the face of terror, but in the True God, Jesus Christ, whom America is under as one nation. It is that one Jesus Christ whom I appeal to for my country’s restoration and your understanding—that you would establish justice and international respect for your Taiwan brothers and for their freedom, prosperity, and ongoing self-improvement—which they have already attained. Brothers find strength in reconciliation.

Dear Taiwan: Forgive.

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