In the Car

Trayvon Martin

In the car he should have stayed.

Then no Skittles would have been stained.

Call 5-O, then go his own way?

Make up your mind, creep. And get outta’ 5-O’s way!


“Get over it,” they say.

His mother should sleep while y’all hit the hay?

Trayvon’s slain. “Get over it?” No way!

Tell that to the man who in his car should have stayed.


In the car he should have stayed.

Then no threads a’ gotten frayed.

Who’s on top? He jumped first?

None had been a problem if in the car he stayed.


Endanger two lives just to have his own way.

No life was in danger if police were obeyed.

“Defend himself” when from safety he strayed.

Shoots a kid half his age, now who gets away?

No life was in danger if in the car he stayed.


Jurors look another way.

Stand yer ground wherever you claim.  · · · →

Can of Worms, Anyone?

Escalation is the LAST thing anyone wants. What part of “provoked” don’t we understand? If Zimmerman walks, it won’t be for long, sadly. That’s because of the precedent that would be set.

This isn’t about racism or profiling, but that’s where it will go if we don’t figure out where we went wrong.

If you see a “suspicious person” then you’d best stay away—DAH! Why on earth would anyone want to get close to someone who presented a reason to call the police? If you are stupid enough to pursue and provoke a “suspicious” person, that person is the one who can plead “self-defense”, not you.

As I blogged recently, according to reports, 911 instructed him not to follow. The police had been advised. Had he obeyed the police, no one would have been hurt. Instead, the assailant was cut, punched, beaten… and the other guy was in far worse condition: Trayvon’s injuries were few, but fatal.  · · · →