In the Car

Trayvon Martin

In the car he should have stayed.

Then no Skittles would have been stained.

Call 5-O, then go his own way?

Make up your mind, creep. And get outta’ 5-O’s way!


“Get over it,” they say.

His mother should sleep while y’all hit the hay?

Trayvon’s slain. “Get over it?” No way!

Tell that to the man who in his car should have stayed.


In the car he should have stayed.

Then no threads a’ gotten frayed.

Who’s on top? He jumped first?

None had been a problem if in the car he stayed.


Endanger two lives just to have his own way.

No life was in danger if police were obeyed.

“Defend himself” when from safety he strayed.

Shoots a kid half his age, now who gets away?

No life was in danger if in the car he stayed.


Jurors look another way.

Stand yer ground wherever you claim.

Who’s gunned down? Who’s bullet slayed?

None of these questions if in the car he stayed.


“It wasn’t racism,” so they say.

“No, pure racism,” so others say.

Yet God’s rainbow paints every skin color,

Black and White, all of them gather

From New York to Chicago, Baltimore to LA.

Did the Latino call 5-O for Mexicans here the wrong way?


“White Latino”—What’s THAT anyway?

Whites came from North Europe,

Their slaves came another way.

Whites are now sorry, except on “apathy” day…

Which is every day. Especially “verdict” day.


Latinos? They beached a southern bay.

Banana republics run by drug bosses—Hey, they ain’t all that way.

Good dads in Latin America must say,

“When 5-O comes your way, steer away

And in your car, you shall pray.”


Yet, to the Latino, even White 5-O chose to say,

“Chill, hombre. In the car you should stay.”


So, you see, Zorro makes the Latino day.

Let me explain another way…


America’s idol is a type like Bruce Wayne.

A friend named Gordon. Cape, mask, and a rich cane.

Helps good police catch those gone astray.

Alfred rolls the Royce, in the back seat Bruce stays.


But Zorro does things his own way.

He fights the good fight

Bad police block his way.

And in no car does Zorro ever stay.


Zimmerman neither.

He ain’t afraid.

Police say, “Wait.” But who cares anyway?

And in his car he dost not stay.


“Get over it! This ain’t hate.”

If Trayvon were alive, we’d all have it that way.

But from the car Zorro could not prey.

So, in the car Zorro would not stay.


One cold night in the late winter rain

Assumptions made, bullets sprayed.

The very next day, so they all say,

“That’s just how things are in the world today.”

But, “Stay in the car,” we just don’t pray.


Now everyone else wants to have his own say…

Blue Gang clamors: “Take the Christians’ guns away!”

Red Gang rumors: “You wanna’ take our guns anyway!”

I feel like a lone voice in the wilderness crying:



Shall justice be stayed yet one other day?

Healing the wound has long been delayed.

Justice will come if we make a good play.

Not from no jury, nor vigilante spade.

Justice will come if in the car someone stays.


I’m sick of the game.

It’s time we all change.


“Blame guns,” from the Democrats.

“Shame bums,” from Republicrats.

I’m done with those cats

‘Cuz they can’t do our math.


60% want a third party.

20 would join, not too much tardy.

The rest divide us with all their old blarney.

Let’s make a date with the new People’s Party.


The People’s Party can be,

If you know what I mean,

Like cheese lovers one side,

The other supreme.


Agree on the crust

And don’t make a fuss.

Make one Party gleam.

We’ve our country to clean.


I’ll be me and you be you.

We’ll each wear a hoodie to say,

“I love you too.”

How we all agree can truly come true.


One People’s Party to go.

You order the bar.

Homes got yer back.

I’ll be here in the car.

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