Statements about Specific Debates

Eternal Security Debate

The problem with the Eternal Security paradigm is that Christian Eternity was decided when the Book of Life was written. Eternal Security debates, from both sides, assume that a Chrsitian’s Eternity is determined in this lifetime rather than discovered in this lifetime.

Lordship v Grace Theologies

IMHO, nearly all concerns surrounding these topics would be satisfied if we preached a paradigm of a “wise-friend-and-King” view of Jesus. This would mean abandoning any tones of “mostly Lord-ruler” or “mostly friend” views of Jesus, which are unintended, yet consequential from both paradigms of teaching. Little teaching comes from either side concerning the wisdom of God’s commands. This debate surrounds “to should or not to should” in regard to God’s commands, rather than “to be wise or not to be wise” in obeying the good, perfect, and empowering commands from our loving ruler-Creator.

Church Government

It’s organic. If it has any tax exempt or non-tax exempt status, it may be wonderful, it may be terrible, but it’s not the Church. If you can “attend” it, it’s not the Church. If you can “leave” it, it’s not the Church. Christ’s Body is “wherever two or more are gathered” in His name. If people think that the Church is any more than that, regardless of how wonderful and beneficial an organization may, in fact, be, like a Body in shackles and underfed, any kind of sickness and disease and injury can arise. The problems in the Church today don’t exist because we are doing Church wrong; the problems in the Church today exist because people are “doing” Church instead of “being” Church.

End Times

Read Revelation at least 100 times and pray at least one hour every day for a year before even touching one single discussion about the End Times. That disqualifies at least 95% of Christians from this debate. Once you join the 5%, you won’t want to debate it anymore. Let’s try to increase that number to 6%.

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