Can of Worms, Anyone?

Escalation is the LAST thing anyone wants. What part of “provoked” don’t we understand? If Zimmerman walks, it won’t be for long, sadly. That’s because of the precedent that would be set.

This isn’t about racism or profiling, but that’s where it will go if we don’t figure out where we went wrong.

If you see a “suspicious person” then you’d best stay away—DAH! Why on earth would anyone want to get close to someone who presented a reason to call the police? If you are stupid enough to pursue and provoke a “suspicious” person, that person is the one who can plead “self-defense”, not you.

As I blogged recently, according to reports, 911 instructed him not to follow. The police had been advised. Had he obeyed the police, no one would have been hurt. Instead, the assailant was cut, punched, beaten… and the other guy was in far worse condition: Trayvon’s injuries were few, but fatal. The medical reports prove that Zimmerman is in far better condition than Trayvon.

Zimmerman isn’t on trial for profiling— He’s on trial for murder. If he didn’t profile Trayvon, that may upset Sharpton and NBC, but it shouldn’t change the prosecution’s case one ounce—and it certainly won’t give Mr. and Mrs. Martin their son back.

Think about precedent. If Zimmerman’s reported actions do NOT constitute second degree murder, then…

ANYONE can call 911, claim they see a “suspicious” person, then 911 would instruct the obvious—don’t follow suspicious people, DAH. Then the caller can follow the “suspicious person” anyways, get in a fight, get injured, then shoot and kill. That’s what Zimmerman did and it’s a can of worms we do NOT want to open.

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  1. Yes, yes and yes. That’s exactly what happened and there will be many issues that arise from this if he walks. Sad state of our world and culture.

    1. My big concern is that the media having treated this as an excuse to play the race card… they may have confused the issue. I hope the prosecution keeps to the idea that Zimmerman chased Trayvon and 911 told him not to. If we cry “racism” every time we turn around, when we see it isn’t actually racism, then we may even lose the justice that was rightly deserved. Still, I have hope that, if the media never reported it correctly in the beginning, they still don’t represent the prosecution. Maybe the prosecution has it’s head on straight. I have a feeling they could. We’ll just have to wait and see since no one in the media seems to be representing ANY accurate position of this. Couldn’t report the news, they had to make it a melodrama. Well if this is Little Mary Sunshine then my name is Captain Jim.

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