Why I Swung to Romney

For some reason, Santorum always reminded me of that preppy church boy who shows his evil temper when things don’t go his way. Newt, with all our forgiveness, proved unfaithful to his political donors. I saw Romney as a talking calculator. Seriously, I was ready to vote “Obama” in the name of Conservatism’s spite for mediocrity. But, these last few months, Romney’s won my vote and here’s the reason why: He’s learning.

It’s typical for a Republican candidate to preach hard line Conservative through the primaries, then become indistinguishable from the Democrat nominee. Maybe this is because Republican consultants think “Independent voters” are “Moderate voters”. That bean-counting strategery method makes people think, by making it hard for the electorate to distinguish between the Republican and the Democrat, the Independents will get confused and split 50-50. But, I never understood “smart” people, like consultants, MBA’s, and MDiv’s who count “beans” instead of “mojo”.

I chose Romney because he’s divorced himself from the smartest guys in the room. Mitt is moving more toward teaching Conservative values as we approach the general election—completely opposite of what the academic scripts would have him do. No more calculated answers from him. This guys is speaking from VALUES and CONVICTIONS. Every so often he defends himself against false accusations, rather than simply calling them, “False,” but he does so less and less. We wanted change, Mitt finally did.

Maybe he found Jesus. Maybe he’s one of Rush’s many new listeners. Speaking of which, all those Liberals who tuned in to Limbaugh after the Fluke fluke may switch their votes, now that they have an accurate representation of Conservatism. Sorry consultants, your stats may be outdated this election.

Disappointed Obama youth may swing. Rush’s audience is up from all that free advertising his former advertisers gave him. And Mitt seems to finally have jumped on board. That sold me—not to mention the fact that Mitt is from Michigan. Go State!

So, I’m on board also. Let’s save America. Let’s make Michigan a swing State. And let’s make 2012: The End of Democrat Tyranny.

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