Why Blacks in the Hood Should Vote Conservative

I Voted1. Conservatives support carrying hand guns for self-defense. Blacks in the ghetto know how important that can be. Conservatism would have wanted Trayvon to be able to defend himself and “stand his ground” also.

2. Conservatives want it to be easy to start your own business. The biggest problem isn’t having start-up money, but getting the government bureaucracy out of the way. With the FairTax.org system, for example, you could hire employees without having to pay a CPA. Just give them money, that’s it… legally. But Democrats want to punish you if you have your own business ideas or if you give jobs to your friends.

3. Bling bling. They call it “taxing the rich”, but let’s call it “hating on the bling bling”. I like bling and you should too. Democrats aren’t your friends if you’re ’boutit ’boutit and like bling.

4. With big government out of the way, you don’t need a college degree to get ahead. Actually, all that “smartness” can stop a guy (or you pretty gals too) from getting out of the rut. College, no college, shouldn’t matter. Democrats want to tell everyone what their job should be. Conservatives know that many of the best business people who create jobs never went to college.

5. We’re Christian and we believe in Jesus. He saves and He wants all of us to be blessed so we can bless others. It’s called Freedom, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty.

6. Conservatives like to modify stuff also. They like to fix their own cars and all that. “Do-it-yourself” is something Black Democrats and White Conservatives have in common.

7. If you never met your dad, just remember that Conservatives believe in a man and woman being faithful to each other. Democrats hate on us Conservatives all the time for that.

8. Abraham Lincoln helped start the Republican party. So, I don’t know why the Republicans didn’t help Martin Jr in the 60’s. But, they sure missed out.

9. Abraham Lincoln knew that freeing slaves was the only way to save the country. That’s ’cause he knew he needed Black people. And, we Conservatives are trying to create jobs. But, we admit defeat: We can’t save the country without the help of the Blacks. Sorry for not trying to reach out better. Please join with the Conservatives who think much the same and let’s work side by side.

As for that whole reparations thing, I don’t know much, but I feel like Democrat leaders and moderate Republicans have beat us all down so much, without racial discrimination. They just beat down everyone. White people aren’t so rich. They have all those college loans they can’t pay for. So, let’s end the racial divide also. I really want to work like everyone else and give friends some jobs. But I know that Conservative laws are the only thing that can allow that. Let’s get these moderate Republicans—and their big business friends—out of office by voting Conservative together.

By the way, I really don’t think of people as “Black” or “White”, which is why it took me so long to write this article. I just always thought “people” are “people”. But, when I saw the beautiful color difference God made, I started to see how much White Conservatives think like Black people in the hood.

And, also, if you’re Black and your last name is the same as mine, or even if it’s not, I just want to say… My ancestors were from Texas. Sorry man, for what my ancestors did to your ancestors. Let’s make sure it stops from here on out.

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