Social Marketing Annoying

I miss the good old days when a Twitter follow notice was from a person. Now, it seems everyone is a professional whatever, consultant in whoknowsit, and designer and entrepreneur in almost everything imaginable.

What’s with the follow-back fad? I follow people because I like their Tweets.

Marketing through social blogs and media wastes money. It’s the new telemarketing.

People don’t follow you because you merely because you follow them—that doesn’t make sense from a leadership perspective or a tweetership perspective.

People are interested in your Twitter account because they are interested in your company, not interested in your company merely because you have a Twitter account.

People get interested in your company because they heard about your company over lunch with a friend or because they saw your Tweet get retweeted by their friends. So, a social presence on Twitter doesn’t mean that you follow a thousand people who don’t know you, but that they retweet you. And people don’t retweet your Tweets because you follow them, but because your Tweets are worth retweeting.

Twitter is but one example of social media activity. The same principles apply to Facebook, Google+, YouTube, the greater blogosphere, email, and the rest of the cyberspace gang.

I’ve got eBooks as well as products. My approach is simple: Be available. Have a presence on quality websites in the social blogosphere—and make my own products and blogs quality. I believe, people are more apt to share stuff with their friends if the stuff is worth sharing and if sharing is easy. Twitter and SEO only help people discover what you got under the hood. Until you got that, “Tweet” for yourself.

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