Why I cancelled my Glenn Beck subscription

Actually, I didn’t want to. I’ll go back once he fixes a few things…

He jokes too much with his co-hosts, bloating the show with unhelpful cynicism.

His website is too heavy with load times and sys resources. As a developer myself, it looks like the problem is from adding too many little things when he needs a centralized programming—it looks as if they need a better web team, as if they hired the team they have through an MBA, not knowing how development actually works.

They have in-show advertisements during paid subscriptions filling nearly half of the content. One should have an ads version and a subscription version, not both together.

He preaches despair and not hope. He himself probably has lots of hope in his heart and lots of reasons for that hope, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to carry on. But, he doesn’t share his good reasons for hope.

As a writer and entrepreneur myself, it looks as if he has lowered his priority of time to generate good content. I would love $2 per month for one hour a day of rich, brilliant, nothing-but-Beck teaching.

The ultimate problem with Beck’s programming is that it doesn’t have enough of Beck.