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Dear James:

We have seen more and more news stories about homosexuality. And, I think we’re only going to see more and more of the more and more.

Most recently there have been “Christian homosexuals” speaking out. One young man puts forth several arguments, presuming debated premises and claiming other premises he later denounces—all Harvard-level debate fallacy tactics. One famous Harvard-level debate tactic is to say, “…and I’m sure you’d agree with me…” when, actually, we don’t agree about that. In the end, this kid in his 20’s focuses so much on finding “that special someone” that he seems to have forgotten that God is his first love.

I won’t begrudge a person for not loving God—first, last, or at all. But, this young man claims to be Christian. That’s a problem for someone who spends so much time dwelling on finding another human to serve as evidentially his first love. A secular homosexual’s cry ought be, “I am homosexual, it’s not wrong for me to love someone.” But, a “Christian homosexual’s” cry ought to be, “I am homosexual, but it doesn’t matter if I am single my whole life because I love Jesus that much more.” I won’t condemn a man for either position, but I know the difference. Jesus-filled and “Jesusless” worldviews cannot be confused to those who have known Jesus. That young man does not know the same Jesus that I do.

So what.

The Denialist: Edition 61


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