The PointThe next big division in America may be over how to deal with political Moderates. It’s become a big problem. But what caused it? Because we let the Moderate problem got out of hand, we have no one to blame but ourselves. We haven’t reigned them in properly. And using the same methods that gave them power won’t reverse anything.

On the one hand, we have the third-party voters. “I don’t like either guy, so I’m going third party! It’s about principal,” they say. Okay, but which principals? Make sure that you elect a candidate who is either 100% perfect or 100% wrong—that principal? If so, okay. But good philosophies need to work. All the ideals in the world are useless if the candidate can’t get elected. What’s the difference between a perfectly unelectable candidate and a liar who breaks his campaign promises? I’d say, the difference is typically about 45% in the polls—except Ross Perrot narrowed that gap in 1992, helping elect Clinton.  · · · →

Read My Lips: H W Bush Angry at Newt for Kept Promises, sides w Slick Romney

Story at Politico.com

I wasn’t his fault. Honestly it wasn’t. The economy made him do it. Bush 41 had to raise taxes in 1990, breaking his “Read My Lips” campaign promise. And that evil jerk, Newt, he just HAD to keep his campaign promises! Newt even walked out on H W when it came time to renig.

Remember when W’s father was telling America, (summary of implications) “Sorry folks, I had to break my promise. We just have to get along with our political enemies. You elected me not to raise taxes, but I’m going to anyway..” ….Well, Newt refused to stand with that man. I say, good for Newt! But, H W doesn’t see it that way..

So, the retired president no longer wants trustworthy candidates like Newt. Read My Lips, Vote for Calculaters. George H W Bush chums-up to slick-talking, every changing, always calculating Romney.

I can imagine it now, “Read my lips, no more Obamacare… oh, wait, but the economy made me do it.”  · · · →


Gingrich led Republicans to take the House for the first time in 40 years.. AND balance the budget for the first time in 40 years! Is he “egotistical” as some say? Most get-er-done types are misperceived as “egotistical” by those who live on their sofas. You have to say NO to Washington if you want to say YES to the voters. He kept his campaign promises. Call it good, bad, arrogant, humble.. it’s exactly what we need: Republican leadership, campaign promises KEPT, a balanced budget.

But Romney is showing his true colors.. wishy-washy, calculating, smooth-talker, and a bully when you get in his way. Will that win the Moderates Romney idolizes? How could it, if he can’t even get along with his own party?

And, Newt’s true colors are also showing.. His changing opinions demonstrate that he learns, unlike Romney who changes with polling data. We need a politician who can learn.  · · · →