Read My Lips: H W Bush Angry at Newt for Kept Promises, sides w Slick Romney

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I wasn’t his fault. Honestly it wasn’t. The economy made him do it. Bush 41 had to raise taxes in 1990, breaking his “Read My Lips” campaign promise. And that evil jerk, Newt, he just HAD to keep his campaign promises! Newt even walked out on H W when it came time to renig.

Remember when W’s father was telling America, (summary of implications) “Sorry folks, I had to break my promise. We just have to get along with our political enemies. You elected me not to raise taxes, but I’m going to anyway..” ….Well, Newt refused to stand with that man. I say, good for Newt! But, H W doesn’t see it that way..

So, the retired president no longer wants trustworthy candidates like Newt. Read My Lips, Vote for Calculaters. George H W Bush chums-up to slick-talking, every changing, always calculating Romney.

I can imagine it now, “Read my lips, no more Obamacare… oh, wait, but the economy made me do it.”

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