Traffic Light Conspiracy

Traffic Light Conspiracy (mp3)

Alex Jones rambles about new world order… Obama’s DOJ personally verified that the people of Wisconsin support their governor who was re-confirmed, Tuesday… But, for all the hype, I never hear about the greatest hand of evil in the world today: traffic lights.

Think about it…

We hate it when we call customer service and are told to “press one for English”… but the traffic light doesn’t let you press anything. You just have to sit there until it re-routs you.

Religious leaders will tell you to obey the light bulb—applying Jesus’ Command to “love your neighbor” to a set of electronics. Better not offend the Holy Light Bulb.

Policemen have authority to tell drivers to ignore the light bulbs. But too many officers camp next to quiet intersections, making sure you don’t disobey the bulb. I’ve always wondered: If a policeman has the time to sit an an intersection, shouldn’t he be directing traffic to make it operate more smoothly?  · · · →

Big Blogging Brother

Yes, it’s coming! Newspapers will want bloggers to “obey” the rules of the road. I finally read about this at the New York Times. Here’s the issue in a nutshell as I explained it to Congressman Dave Camp:

An issue is stirring among the blogosphere and Newspapers about intellectual property and plagiary. Newspapers are thinking about getting organized to bring standards that bloggers may need to comply with. There are MANY sides to this discussion.

Here is a hypothetical story:

John Doe has a simple website and wants people to read it. So, he sees an article at the Chicago Tribune website. It’s about the same topic his website fans are interested in. He copies and pastes article into his own website, so it looks like his work, but it’s not. He doesn’t see anything wrong with this and the Chicago Tribune may not be entirely angry.

Because Chicago Tribune readers read the paper newspaper at home, not so much online,’s

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Good Parenting Laws

Good parenting lowers crime and raises school performance. If a person reports a parent to Protective Services and the investigation finds no problem, the accuser should be flagged for investigated on grounds of bad parenting judgement and likely contributing to delinquency of their own children.

This is not retribution, but it’s wise because of two things: 1. We have the right to face our accusers and 2. being similar to “looser pays” it probably would help Protective Services and Police identify the REAL problem parents while reducing frivolous accusations against good parents.

When someone accuses a parent, that accuser is expressing a parenting philosophy opinion.

I was spanked as a child and I’m glad. “No-injury-no-mark-non-excessive” spanking should be considered good by the government. No marks or bruises.. no investigation or questions.

Protective Services agents should be experienced as Police Officers and required to have responsible adult children who recommend them. They should have instant rapport with young parents so they can give personal parenting advice effectively.  · · · →