Fab Sandwich: Homosexuality Hits Crit Mass

Fab Sandwich: Homosexuality Hits Crit Mass

Fab Sandwich: Homosexuality Hits Crit Mass

SCOTUS redefined marriage as an indication of homosexuality hitting the critical mass stage. It is now a fad. “Coming out of the closet” is no longer “brave” and has lost all of its counter-culture flair. Now, it’s the way to “be like everyone else”. The “fashionable homosexual” will never seem more attractive than he does now… never before, never after. Once something becomes too popular, it loses steam.

The number of open homosexuals will increase. That part won’t fade. But the flair, the pizzazz, the rapture and excitement of scandal—these will be lost for those who jumped in the game too late. Some of it will continue to go up, for a while. The momentum is still there, but the steam is gone.

Soon, closet homosexuals, formerly “fat slob phobes”, will join the movement. Then, once homosexuality is the new normal, the fat slobs will take over that as well.  · · · →

104 Trends in History

104 Trends in History

104 Trends in History

@PacificDT Editorial Blog:

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, February 23 | Symphony

The Desk:

JesseSteele.com icons… GitHub, LinkedIn, Instagram, dropped Google+ because, seriously, who uses it?

SugarCRM → SuiteCRM… another falling out between the corptocrats and the guys who actually make it work.

…Open source programmers fight with MBA’s like parishioners fight with pastors.

Books & Brands:

Thinking about new book… 2 Years Ahead: Why why so many say, “See, you told me so.”

  • I have a 22GB Dropbox account because I am 2 years ahead of everyone else.
  • Mailbox is a great system. Did you hear about that?
  • Six years ago, I said Obama would make people angry and not to worry about it because it would be good for the country to pay attention. Now, people are angry and I’m not worried.

Speaking of being ahead of everyone else, let’s talk about homosexuality…

News & Politics:

Rob Bell on Opra—Quoting letters from 2,000 years ago “as its best defense” makes the Church “irrelevant”…

But…”Don’t judge” would make the Church VERY relevant!  · · · →