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104 Trends in History

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Prelude to Conflict: Asia, February 23 | Symphony

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JesseSteele.com icons… GitHub, LinkedIn, Instagram, dropped Google+ because, seriously, who uses it?

SugarCRM → SuiteCRM… another falling out between the corptocrats and the guys who actually make it work.

…Open source programmers fight with MBA’s like parishioners fight with pastors.

Books & Brands:

Thinking about new book… 2 Years Ahead: Why why so many say, “See, you told me so.”

  • I have a 22GB Dropbox account because I am 2 years ahead of everyone else.
  • Mailbox is a great system. Did you hear about that?
  • Six years ago, I said Obama would make people angry and not to worry about it because it would be good for the country to pay attention. Now, people are angry and I’m not worried.

Speaking of being ahead of everyone else, let’s talk about homosexuality…

News & Politics:

Rob Bell on Opra—Quoting letters from 2,000 years ago “as its best defense” makes the Church “irrelevant”…

But…”Don’t judge” would make the Church VERY relevant! Rob should know that since Mars Hill’s main growth came when he was teaching through Leviticus.

Homosexuality and Bible’s issue is that Homosexuality is a choice because it’s an activity, not a feeling. People may be happier to make a choice not to do various activities and to do other activities. I keep all options on the table, including what the Bible says. Many people want to consider all options except the Bible and, more importantly, they explain the Bible inaccurately and “obey” it improperly. One does not need to be a judgmental jerk in order to obey Biblical morality. In fact, the two are in conflict.

Unfortunately, the Church is wholly insensitive to the heart on the Homosexuality issue. They haven’t addressed the issues, only been insensitive jerks. Homophobia defines everything as “homosexual”… including hugs, dressing well, and useful swimsuits. I reject the terms “gay” and “straight” because, first, they actually have totally different meanings.

More importantly, I reject the categories they represent. “Gay” and “straight” attempt to define an individual by their “orientation”. By those standards, we need at least 360 terms, arguably 3-D coordinates to boot. Why 4-D since we should consider speed and velocity of people’s “drive” and passion.

If we didn’t define each other by feelings, if we didn’t categorize sexuality by our tastes in fashion, and if we listened more to each other, homosexuality might not be as common. There are so many assumptions surrounding the issues. People don’t like the topic, so they avoid it or address it too quickly with too broad of a brush.

I don’t want to live a homosexual life because I don’t want that road or the auxiliaries that come with it—and I don’t mean rejection. I’ve been rejected all my life. I have often had many tastes in things that homophobes regard as so-called “gay”, but have nothing to do with sex. For me, enjoying those things doesn’t mean I need to engage in homosexual sex.

I’m allowed to choose not to be homosexual and think that I’m happier for it.

I’m allowed to not judge people when I make my own decisions.

And everyone is allowed to share their own preferences with others.

If someone else makes their own choice and you feel judged—even if their choice is to be judgmental of you. That’s their choice and you shouldn’t feel judged just because of what other people do. You are who you are. I am who I am. And God will judge all of us concerning all of His commands in His own time. I am trying to be ready and I hope you are too.

The Church criticizes Rob for the few questionable things he says, but don’t give credit for the things he is good at. Too much judging. They are very angry people.

Bigger problem: Only Jesus was incarnated, we are God’s Image. “Seeing God” in each other… sounds like something Shirley MacLaine would say, though most people don’t know who Shirley MacLaine is. That wasn’t Rob’s idea. It’s been said before.

I find my life happier if I obey the Bible, if I hold the ideas of the Bible. I’m happier. Life makes more sense to me. I get more things done. I’m a happier person.

Being a happier person… THAT is my best defense for why I read letters from 2,000 years ago. Letters that last last because they have proven their relevance time and again. The Church won’t be irrelevant by reading timelessly relevant letters, but by not being happy as the 2,000-year-old letters teach us how to be.




Obama voters are angry about paying an Obamacare fine… Just shut up. Learn about voting. Fix it next election. And, don’t worry.


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