I carved-out time for Nick Thacker’s ebook… and glad for it

I have been incredibly busy getting the Times off the ground. But we’re moving and “luck” [favor] seems to be on my side. I’m really excited about shop.pacificdailytimes.com.

Soon, I’ll be rolling-out a revised version of most of my existing ebooks, which means re-reading them all.

And, eventually, I plan to make some serious revisions to Memoirs of Ophannin and then get on with my co-author, Rachel Cherie, for the series it serves as the background for.

Suffice to say, I’m busy.

And, as usual, I was laying all this before God, asking Him what He wants concerning these things. That’s when I got an email from Nick that he had a new ebook that was part of a larger series he was invited to join.

I originally met Nick through a friend I made in Hong Kong. Through the last few years, I’ve learned a lot from Nick about marketing, mostly from watching him do it.  · · · →

Now Announcing PacificDailyTimes.com

This week, I’m moving my traditional posting place from JesseSteele.com to JesseSteele.PacificDailyTimes.com. This is part of a project I have been working on for over half of a year and was drafting long before that.

Posts and feeds will still stay up-to-date at JesseSteele.com. Subscriptions to The Podcast, The Journal, and The Point will not change and you don’t need to update anything. I’ve done such a clean job in this transition that the only way for you to know about it is for me to tell you. And I want you to know about it…

Pacific Daily Times was created as a solution to a blogging challenge I faced as a writer. About two years ago, I drew a comical cartoon about China and Japan fighting over the Senkaku islets, near Japan. The editor of a large cooperative blog found it and invited me to join his team.  · · · →