I carved-out time for Nick Thacker’s ebook… and glad for it

I have been incredibly busy getting the Times off the ground. But we’re moving and “luck” [favor] seems to be on my side. I’m really excited about shop.pacificdailytimes.com.

Soon, I’ll be rolling-out a revised version of most of my existing ebooks, which means re-reading them all.

And, eventually, I plan to make some serious revisions to Memoirs of Ophannin and then get on with my co-author, Rachel Cherie, for the series it serves as the background for.

Suffice to say, I’m busy.

And, as usual, I was laying all this before God, asking Him what He wants concerning these things. That’s when I got an email from Nick that he had a new ebook that was part of a larger series he was invited to join.

I originally met Nick through a friend I made in Hong Kong. Through the last few years, I’ve learned a lot from Nick about marketing, mostly from watching him do it. But I never made time to read his books. So, when I got his email about the series he just joined, I took it as some direction from Above. I downloaded The Atlantis Deception on my Kindle app…

But, I still didn’t have time to read his book. So, I just stayed up all night to do it. It was amazing. The whole experience has been inspiring and educating. And Nick will surely influence the style in my own upcoming fiction.

Nick develops a plot and characters in a way that shows anyone how it’s done. The books are short enough to learn good, sound plot development. I may even be able to leave Hollywood and other pop fiction as my source of weaving throughlines.

As a writer, I also enjoy Nick’s unique use of English, and, of course, as an editor, I had to write him a personal-technical critique. But that’s normal. The healthy ongoing review of one’s writing is stuff that would bore readers. You’ll be more interested in what Nick wrote. So, go get his book.

The Atlantis Deception