103 Shine and LAMP

Podcast Weekly

103 Shine and LAMP

@PacificDT Editorial Blog:

Prelude to Conflict: Asia, February 16 | Symphony

The Desk:

Local LAMP, enjoying Linux

“Kubuntu Studio”…technically impossible, but I did it.

Two years of Podcast… started early February, skipped three weeks.

Big Circle & a developer

Books & Brands:

$1/month on it’s way… making headway

Created my own logo, 18 hours

Two years of the Podcast, one week skipped.

News & Politics:

ISIS… Not worried, waking up from political correctness

Petition for police shooting central database

Democrat-Republican Party

Mexican vote will backfire

Miscalculate (Not Miss Calculate)

Brian Williams… this should be about NBC, not Brian

This week:

Cleaning apartment

Celebrating 6 years in Asia

Passion of the Christ: two friends

Taught a piano song to a kid, by ear from Lady in the Water

Shine the light, be wise, but don’t blame. Don’t rebuke the darkness… takes emotional determination.

Friends video me, no big deal