Justice Supreme

In 2009, Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Roberts was publically scolded for ruling against the President. Believe me you, he won’t make that mistake again.

The supreme court has it’s own motivations. Unlike politicians, who are concerned with public opinion, the justices are primarily concerned with the future power of the court itself. If it loses respect, it will become irrelevant. No one understands irrelevance as Supreme Justices who rule on relevance of fact and testimony every day.

As a result, the court often rules on cases in a manner that asserts their power, creates chaos for legislation that does not have every “T” crossed and every “I” dotted, and, mostly, overloads every level of government and society beneath the court with last-minute homework assignments. It’s as if they say, “Don’t bring this to me again. Finish your homework next time. And let that be a lesson to you.”

This different framework of decision making doesn’t cross the minds of political pundits. And, it’s why commentators can’t imagine that knowledge of Obamacare’s decision was not leaked prior to Court rulings. Regardless of previous political affiliations, all Supreme Justices are in the business of keeping their power as a group. Even the division of their votes and opinions binds them together as a team. They may be Conservative or Liberal, but none of them are Republican, Libertarian, or Democrat like the rest of us. No, their all in the same political party: Justice Supreme.

Their ruling or AZ v US was responsible. I’m all in favor of Arizona’s intentions, but the State didn’t do it’s homework. That’s why the whole country is in so much trouble. Illegal immigration isn’t caused by a lack of State regulation, , but a lack of Federal enforcement. The sunshine State didn’t address the real criminals: the ones in Washington. Instead, they operated like the older sibling who thinks mom and dad need help disciplining his younger brother. Arizona shouldn’t have taken matters into their own hands: they should have told mom and dad to WAKE UP!

…and that is just what the Supreme Court did: Feds, this is YOUR problem. Ultimately, because of AZ v US, it’s officially on record that, if illegal immigration continues, it’s no one’s fault but Washington’s.

Most of the nation won’t understand this problem, however. Arizona’s law clearly stepped the toes of the Federal Government. If States wish to claim that the Feds shouldn’t impede on State rights—which there is much ground for—then the States shouldn’t tread on issues of citizenship, which is the sole responsibility of the Federal government to enforce, even if Washing chooses not to.

Moreover, by attempting to prosecute illegal aliens, Arizona elevated the status of immigrants to Citizenship. If prosecuted, citizens have the right to an attorney. Under Arizona law, tax payers would hire defense lawyers of illegal immigrants. The conflicting law from Washington would have simply deported the them, without reprise, and, thus, denying illegals the privilege of prosecution.

But, there’s yet another problem with Arizona: It stepped toward a “papers please” law.  As big of a problem as illegal immigrants are in the border States, police can’t demand to see ID without suspecting a specific crime. That decision rightly came from Arizona’s neighbor in Brown v Texas.

So, where does that leave us? Article IV Sec. 4 of the Constitution states that the Federal government shall protect the States from invasion and domestic violence. Now, we know that the Feds are in violation of that Constititional obligation. Washington is AWOL. The problem is the Federal government, and that’s where Arizona should have left it. Senator McCain’s home State should have passed a binding resolution to warn all government entities within the State, and discuss with other States, their acknowledgement that the Federal Government has refused to fulfill its Constitutional obligation to, “…protect each of them [States] against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.” Invasion and domestic Violence are the perfect words for what’s happening to Arizona. And Washington is an accessory.

Maybe their legislature is too exhausted to handle Mexico’s de facto Invasion properly.

Failing to enforce the rules got us here. Following the rules will get us out. The best solution to bad government policy is rigorous enforcement—it makes everyone complain quicker. With the ruling of AZ v US, everyone will be forced to their their poop in a group. Conservative voters should thank the Supreme Court. If the Court had upheld Arizona’s law, which appears to have been written under duress, Conservative Judges would have been legislating from the bench. Because the courts did not overreach, the buck now stops somewhere on Pennsylvania Ave, between the White House and the Capital. Both of them are up for consideration in November. The unwritten verdict: Washington is guilty.

The Obamacare ruling wasn’t political, it was revenge, ensuring that Romney will be elected and seventh term Republican Senator, Orin Hatch will be chair of the Senate Finance Committee—which oversees taxes, the linchpin for Obamacare, according to the opinion Roberts himself wrote. As John Roberts joined the Liberals in helping Obama succeed, he will have his sweet revenge for the, “not true,” things said at the 2009 State of the Union speech. The Liberal agenda only works if its advance is slow and subtle. Learn from Chinese Kung Fu: By way of agreement, Roberts has ensured that Barack Hussein Obama, mmm… mmm… mmm… will fail.

In a word, Arizona should have done the same.




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