LinkedIn Chooses ‘Hong Kong SAR’ for User Experience

LinkedIn Chooses ‘Hong Kong SAR’ for User Experience

Linked-In email

I received this email from LinkedIn this week. LinkedIn is changing how they display the location “Hong Kong” to “Hong Kong SAR”.

“SAR” stands for “Special Administrative Region”. It does not reflect the name of the territory associated with Hong Kong Island known as “Hong Kong”. “SAR” is a classification, identifying Hong Kong similar to how Puerto Rico and Guam fall under the governance of the United States as “unincorporated territories of the United States”.

From an English usage perspective, this is strange. On LinkedIn, a location in California does not display as “California State” nor does Puerto Rico display as “Puerto Rico UTOS”.

This is part of a growing trend of using additional and eccentric wording to describe places somehow associated with China. For example, many companies, especially airlines, are displaying Taiwan as “Taiwan (Province of China)” or similar, even though those companies do not list California as “California (State of USA)”.  · · · →

Grow When Rejected

Grow When Rejected

It’s one of the hardest things to hear: “You keep losing because you do bad work.”

We work so hard, but it still doesn’t cut it. We learn, we improve, but no one accepts our work. God told Cain, “If you do good work, it will be accepted,” but He never promised that it would be accepted by everyone. “If not,” He continued, “sin is right their waiting for you and you must master it.”

Few things make us angrier than our hard work being rejected. If you can keep improving without complaining, you’ll have been approved by hard times.  · · · →


Over the last seven years, I’ve been quietly building content. I knew that when I was ready make the push, I needed to have a history of content already piled up. Well, here’s a start…

I’ve written 15 books on Smashwords with over 4,600 downloads, published a syndicated weekly column for the last four years, podcasted 200 weeks in a row, developed VPS cloud control systems where I manage web servers for small business, and have been laying in a foundation for supply side sourcing—all while living in Asia and not running one single ad.

Having accurately predicted the Trump victory in February (and posted my pretty accurate map on Instagram), I decided that I knew a thing or two. It’s one thing to have a following, it’s a whole other story to predict the unexpected.

So, I was randomly scrolling through Leonard Kim’s Tweets when I stumbled on a video where he talked up Medium.  · · · →