More and more Christians are becoming interested in the world of publishing, syndication, writing, and art. Mass Communication is entirely different from the Academic world. Medical, Theology, and Education tend to respect people for their academic degrees. However, authors, artists, entertainers, syndicates, cartoonists—advancement in these careers depend more on whether you “got it” or not. For them, your pedigree doesn’t matter, only your work and your relationships in the industry. You don’t achieve these things without dedication.

Authors and artists may want to emphasize their portfolios. As an opinion writer, if you get published by a large company or syndicated, you’re regarded as an expert, regardless of your school transcripts. As a pundit, you may need to get along well with other pundits, while taking pot shots at them just the same. Facebook, blogosphere, tweetosphere—Social Media is similar to Mass Media: Notice to get noticed. Some news organizations promote within their ranks based on cronyism, but not all.   · · · →