badAd: New Ad Network

badAd: New Ad Network

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It took nine months to create While searching for any way to monetize my own blog, I saw how invasive many of the “best” advertising platforms can be. Most monetizing solutions weren’t that attractive. In fact, all of them were quite unattractive. I wanted no part.

Interestingly, I had been contemplating the very idea of a financially solvent news business. Newspapers used to make money. Today, they don’t. I even wrote about the whole issue of news solvency in my 2015 book, Know Each Other. Advertising and blogging have to work together or neither can work at all.

That was the light bulb moment! If ads and blogs go hand in hand, then ads should be like blogs and blog readers should be glad to read ads! We need ads that people want to find. The solution was simple: text ads.

Text ads load fast, are searchable, and get to the point… pun in tended, being that my weekly blurb is called “The Point”.  · · · →