Why Obama has no Plan to Takeover

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Why Obama has no Plan to Takeover

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This Week:

Obama doesn’t have a plan to takeover. Freemasons always do. Obama is similar to the Joker, not in everything, but in that, “He just does things…” He has a mode, not a strategy. He reacts, he does not plan. He performs, he does not prepare. So, such a man may or may not try anything at any time, given his circumstances. It’s the circumstances people should look at to guess what will come next. He is not a man with a plan, quite the opposite. And that opens up many other discussions that are much more relevant than conspiracy theorizing. Drop conspiracy theories and consider other matters that are more telling.

Realized this week: End friendly debate once everyone know everyone’s opinion; move on to the next topic or go home and get to work. And sleep early—the demons love to attack us at bed time.

The Desk:

Installed ubuntu a lot this week.

Books & Brands:

verb.ink logo finally got a face lift.

Obama Tip of the Week:

Make the conspiracy theorists shut up, finally; ask them, “Do I really look like a guy with a plan?”

The Denialist: Edition 37