Israel v Dual-Class Religions

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Israel v Dual-Class Religions

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# Black Friday… Now Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. What’s next? Wet Wednesday?

# Islam and Obama policy

## Good: ISIL is not standard Islam. I don’t think they would say they are standard Islam. I will not stand in judgment over others. I won’t put anyone in a box. Sunday morning Churchianity doesn’t represent Jesus. I think no one religious group represents all others.

## I have met many individual Muslims, all of whom are friendly, hospitable, peaceful, and virtuous. But I look on each of them as individuals, not as members of this or that religion. That’s how I view everyone.

## When a country gets filled with many, many people who harbor even the smallest distaste for Israel, once there are enough members of their party or religion or sect… The most extreme, radical power-lovers among them more easily get in control. Those radicals commandeer the their country, impose rules on others, and everyone acts surprised. This happens to both Christians and Muslims. Most countries are run by idealists, not those in the main stream. Main-streamers want to have jobs and families and live their lives, rather than seek ambition and power in government.

## So, with Islam as with Christians, the big question is support for Israel, or, for that matter, whether they harbor hatred at all, for anyone. Many Christians harbor hatred for other Christians—who believe differently about the Spirit or about clothing or whether to support Israel or whether to attend a certified Sunday morning group—just the same, with Christians who harbor small amounts of disdain for each other, when their numbers are small they are friendly, when their numbers grow, they start to get bossy and rude. Why should any religion, politic, business, ethnicity, demographic, or nationality be any different? Anyone, any group, any doctrine, any ideology, any worldview that lets even a little distaste for other people simmer on the back burner will eventually empower extremists more radical than the masses to start running the show. So, hold to your own views as long as your views include loving everyone. Judge and condemn no one.

## As for the criticism of Obama for not wanting all Muslims to be represented by ISIL, that just makes sense. While Rush always has a thought-provoking point, I disagree with Rush on this one. I think there is more to the story here. No, Islam is neither a religion of war nor peace; neither is Christianity; religion is just religion; war and peace are up to the individual, not the religion. We all answer to God individually. Rush left out that part. Obama did too. Everyone seems to have left out that part. We’re more alike than we know.

# Limbaugh’s irritable group: establishmentarians, whether Loyal Left or Religious Right

## Rush has a way of irritating people when they are forced to think outside their box. One of the best kept secrets is that Limbaugh irritates the Sunday morning crowd every bit as much as he irritates Democrat supporters—that is, to those who actually listen to him, not just the gossip about him.

## Limbaugh gets people thinking, whether he is right or wrong. That is his market. When he stops provoking thought, he’ll be finished. He only angers people who have grown up being told what to think, who join the game and tell others what to think.

## When box-lovers are forced to think outside their boxes, they get angry and start smashing things.

## It’s interesting, as I look back on that list of groups that DHS flagged as possibly dangerous, I see everyone of them as easily angered if they are forced to sit down and listen to Rush for more than 30 minutes. They get angry “at” him or they misinterpret him as angry and thus get angry “along with” him, as they view it; one way or another, box-lovers get angry when someone forces them to start thinking. The DHS report didn’t mention Rush, which means that Rush exposes people’s already-existing, hidden anger. Perhaps the best airport security would be to play Rush Limbaugh at check points and see who gets mad. People with short tempers are the dangerous ones.

# Jeb: “They have declared war on us, and we need to declare war on them”

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