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The Piel:

Creating JesseSteele.com…

  • Wanted stuff on it: Books, blog, podcast, cartoon, brands…
  • Needed to make the stuff to put on it
  • Hard, long, regular work


  • “I have a great idea for an article.” At least three people have told me this. One has a degree in English.
  • Good writers don’t think of an “article”, they think of a weekly writing time.
  • I wrote daily for my first three years in Asia. I blogged weekly for the next four years. I have podcasted every week for the last three and a half years.
  • I have only known two people who produce content regularly. I know more who could, but they aren’t there in their lives right now, they are in transition.
  • How do you get known in media: be there.

It all relates to branding and marketing. you have to produce content regularly.