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The Piel:

Installed OS software all week… met no goals. ALL DAY Friday. It happens.

New goal as of Friday (when I still thought I could finish my goals of the week): All ecommerce sites ready now. Why not!?

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  • Many more people wanting to learn code, Ubuntu, graphic design
  • By being swamped with spring cleaning and updating other people’s badly-written software, I am stronger and faster. #dragSuit #swimming
  • That original, short Pixar video with the big and small swivel desk lamps and the ball… Pixar was Steve Jobs new project after getting fired from Apple. That was the first big video. Steve Jobs is the little lamp and the balls are his companies.

Dear James:

Be patient. Perhaps, that government desk worker who keeps doing a bad job doesn’t know any better. He needs some motivation. He needs someone to tell him that he matters without threatening to fire him. And, he needs encouragement that, even though the fascists above him give him rules that he knows are silly, he himself is not hated by the people who hate the rules he didn’t make.

If you can survive idiotic rules without going mad, but also explain why—not merely “that”—the rules are idiotic, you might make a difference in a larger battle that Heaven is more focused on. Maybe you are the drop and he is the first ripple in a tsunami of justice on earth. He can make a difference and so can you. Once you know your part, perhaps he can know his.

Not that it all depends on you, of course.

The Denialist: Edition 62


Allen, my mortorcycle, lost two wisdom teeth; down from 41 to 39. Faster, sharper, and much more comfortable!

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