Like a Knife


Boldness is like a knife.  A sharp sword is safer in a crowd, unsheathed, and in the hands of a samurai, than sheathed, in the hand of a drunkard who is all alone. Too often we try to make the world safer by dulling each other and raising our kids not to have an edge. Safety comes from skill, whether it’s in the form of prevention of friendly fire or protection from intrusion. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, a knife can save a life. But a dull knife on an operating table often does more harm than good. Boldness is like a knife.

 When a knife is sharp it penetrates with less force. The smaller edge impacts less surface area. Sharpness is an issue of direction and focus. With a sharp edge, less is more.

 If “winners focus while loosers spray” then we need to get comfortable with silence.  · · · →



When young David slew the gargantuan Goliath, was it really Goliath who was his enemy? Goliath seemed to think so, did David? Goliath’s Philistine army was dressed and draped in iron armor, an ancient war “technology” that Israel was only just then catching up to. You could tell that King Saul had metal on his mind; he tried to give David his own armor.. and David didn’t want it. David knew something that no one else seemed to—and it wasn’t that God was going to do a miracle. The moment David’s stone sunk into Goliath’s skull, everyone was surprised—except David. All this shiny technology didn’t stand a chance against David’s skill with a sling that he’d mastered in the field, with the sheep, when no one else was looking.

Imagine: You are the youngest of your brothers, you get stuck in the field with the sheep all day, every day.  · · · →

Revelation Outline

Outline of Revelation by Chapter

01 — Greeting

02 — To: Ephesus, *Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira (*blameless)

03 — To: Sardis, *Philadelphia, Laodicea (*blameless)

04 — Throne Room

05 — Scroll, Worthy Lamb

06 — Seals 1~6

07 — 144K Sealed, Multitude Robed

08 — Seal 7, Trumpets 1~4

09 — Woes 1~2 = Trumpets 5~6

10 — Cloud Dude & the Small Scroll

11 — Measure, Two Witnesses, Woe 3 = Trumpet 7

12 — Woman vs Dragon

13 — Dragon & Beast

14 — Lamb & The Faithful on Mount, Six Angels Announce, Wrath-Winepress-Reaping

15 — Giving of the Bowls

16 — Pouring of the Bowls

17 — Harlot & Beast

18 — Prophecy against Harlot

19 — Victory Song over Fallen Harlot

20 — Satan Imprisoned, Jesus’ Millennium, Satan Released, Judgment of All Things

21 — All Is New

22 — River of Life and Invitation, Salutation
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Beautiful Homosexuals

Beautiful Homosexuals

The following article was written in 2010. While I never write for only one person, rather, for the benefit of all who may read, it may help to know the background.

This post has recently become more popular in Asia, which does not identify with the same question of homosexuality that is running through America. That’s not to say that Homosexuality is irrelevant in the Far East, but the impact it has from and on society takes a radically different shape. There are many things that America and Asia do not understand about each other, especially when they try to understand through literature. They both look at a question that impacts each culture differently and then superimpose their own motives onto the motives of the other. Of particular interest was the 1977 luncheon between Witness Lee and Walter Martin, which began great friendship when they met in person, but soon gave way to hostilities when their respective ministries resumed attempts to resolve conflict in writing and by reading each other’s literature instead of having further fellowship in-person.  · · · →