On Kevin Spacey

I won’t share my opinion about Kevin Spacey because that would be cheating. People need to think for themselves. But, I will say what I think about the situation. Mostly, it’s entertaining. Poetically, Spacey is an entertainer.

I’m all for owning problems, which Spacey did in getting help with addiction. I’m all for truth and honestly when coupled with redemption, which has yet to be seen either way—even though America is supposed to be this “Christian” nation—whatever that is. And, that’s why this is so entertaining.

There is nothing wrong with being either Christian or non-Christian. But, their is a big problem with Christians and non-Christians taking their Ps and Qs from each other. Christians should guide Christians; non-Christians should guide non-Christians. That should make sense, but in America it hasn’t been that way. The two have been trying to boss each other since the nation was founded. And, Kevin Spacey exposed that for what it is.

We have witnessed a purportedly Puritan, Judeo-Christian society accept rules created by non-Christians. These rules are about sexuality and boundaries, what is and isn’t “abuse”. These rules are heavily touted by a media that doesn’t have many morals at all—by “Christian” standards anyway—, but ironically leads the “Christian” charge against people like Spacey. All the while, other matters that should be more important to Christians have been ignored—divorce, homophobia that “avoided” it’s way into creating everyone’s mess today, and, most of all, the Christian virtue of redemption.

The highest and most important value of Christianity is the idea that we are redeemable. This is the idea of “repentance unto hope”. It is the “good news” that admitting a sin does not result in death, but in life. When someone does something wrong, the person must own it, then the community must forgive and restore.

This is where the farce is seen for what it is. Non-Christians in politics and media tout a kind of “morality”, often while breaking it off stage, then throw people in the trash when found out—and “Christians” go right along with it.

“Frankly”, the two deserve each other. That whole entourage of “morals unto death in the name of Jesus” went on and on, in what Palin called “the party of cannibals”. It tried to best Trump, but failed. Then it made the mortal mistake of trying to crush Kevin Spacey.

Spacey won’t be crushed; that contradictory culture will. I won’t say whose side I’m on, if any side at all. But, I am grabbing my popcorn because this is going to be the part of the movie where everyone gets what’s been coming for a long time.

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