Luis Cataldo on Conflict in Close Relationships

@Luis_Cataldo had some great quotes at IHOPKC this weekend. It was great and I had to share…

Jesus is into human relationships.

There’s great freedom when we name our stuff and we own our stuff. The invitation to human beings is: There’s freedom in naming your stuff and owning your stuff.

And I think that we just need to go, you know what: I broke it, I bought it.
And most of the time, that’s not a revelation to anybody else, that we’re broken, it’s just a revelation to us.
Other people, especially those closest to us really see it, it’s not a shock to them. And so, when we finally own it, they go, “Yeah.”

Us owning our stuff gives us great freedom.

The goal, particularly with those close relationships, is restoration, it’s not just agreement.

The goal is restoration, it’s not being proven right.

And, I’m 55 and I’ve realized, there’s no delete button on those significant relationships, the really close ones… ’cause the Lord has a way of bringing them back around again.
‘Cause He brought them into our lives to refine us.

Stay at the table. Stay at the table.