How do you listen to a friend describe an encounter with the Divine? Trying to listen is as hard as trying to describe. God is beyond us. Our own existence is beyond our own ability to understand. We can’t even comprehend ourselves. How could we ever comprehend the God Whom we reflect? How could we ever find words to describe a thing we cannot comprehend?

To understand the God Whose Image we bear, one need look no further than one’s neighbor. Those around us reflect a piece of ourselves and all of us reflect certain aspects of our common Creator. One cannot understand the God Who is Love without loving His Image all around.

God binds us together, through all aspects of the Trinity. The Father holds us. The Spirit connects us. The Son relates to us, even in our temporary strengths and limitations.

When someone encounters this incomprehensible God, the experience is beyond words. That’s why those who have encountered God are left speechless. They often cry. John fell on his face as if dead.

There are no words to describe an encounter with God in any way worthy of the encounter itself, let alone the God of the encounter.

All we have to help us understand an encounter with God is love. And, love is available to each of us if we will only accept it from Him and from others. And, when a friend tries to describe what cannot be described, the best—perhaps the only way—to understand is to see a friend’s love for what it is.

An encounter with God could only be describe as one thing: love.