‘Trump’ card: Republicrats getting tramped

Until Trump announced, Hillary was the best choice for one reason: She understood China up close and personal.

Don’t underestimate the importance of experience with China in the 2016 election. That would be a mistake.

Before last week, the Republicans were just another group who looked so good as fresh, delicious, perfect, unlabeled GMO. Rand Paul showed who they were made of by rejecting TPA (AKA Obamatrade), which makes the President the emperor of all trade deals.

So, Rand Paul stood out. But Paul is more “smart” than “business” and he doesn’t have experience with China. <FAIL>

Scott Walker was doing great, but isn’t in Washington. He doesn’t have a voting record to haunt him either. Yeah-boo.

Hillary would have been predictable. She would have given the forked-tongued Republicans a run for their deep-pocket money. She would have done health care right just to put her name on it (Bill Clinton’s healthcare was dubbed ‘Hillarycare’ because she was behind it.)

Then Trump says he’ll build a wall at the Mexico border and make Mexico pay for it—with 15 years of Rich Dad talk, we all know what he means.

Trump was over a billion in debt and came back. He can make the country do the same thing.

He knows trade and knows the problem of Obamatrade.

He can build and repair infrastructure, which we need to build and repair.

He knows how to protect Israel.

He will repeal common core.

He can answer questions faster than Rubio or Bush, which isn’t saying much.

He doesn’t have a voting record to haunt him like the Republican lineup has.

He knows how to say stuff that Republicans are too chicken to say.

He knows which battles to enter. He didn’t throw his hat into previous elections. After seeing the Republican lineup, he decided this was a battle he could win.

Best bet for VP is Rand Paul, the man who knows what the Senate should and should not be doing. Palin would be a great VP choice if Trump knows anything about Paul that we don’t. Walker for Secretary of State.

There are many nay-sayers, as always. Trump has much ground to take. He hasn’t been in the race for very long. He will get blasted as a celebrity just as Reagan, Schwarzenegger, and Ventura did.

Playing the Trump card in the political deck will change the game. Many things will be said that have not been said. The remaining question will be whether the American people will elect another good talker or someone who has already done what we need to get done.

I’m sick of RINOs! I’m sick of sell-outs. Rand Paul is great. But, he can’t stop the Republicrats alone. Only two candidates can stop the RINO machine: Trump and Hillary. Trump is my first pick. I’ll choose my second if I have to.