Ted Talks… here we go…

That’s how Ted talks (that’s Nugent, not TED Talks, the counsel of geeks and elites with entertaining videos).

Everybody knows that he’s a hunter who talks in “hunter” terms and shooting a coyote is merely equivalent to voting against someone in an election. It wasn’t a personal threat against the president by any means, though he doesn’t always use the most velvet of gloves. Ted likes bravado and has a lot of bark, but Romney met him up close and knows the softer-gentler Nugent.

And of course, as Ted is doing what Ted does, Secret Service is doing what Secret Service does… except in Colombia. Normally, when someone talks big like Ted talks, Secret Service pretends to investigate, using no common sense, because, as everyone knows, if Secret Service demonstrated common sense, well, people wouldn’t respect them. So, like in Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller, “…said ‘bomb’ on an airplane.” Time for the security to waste their time on someone we all know is harmless, just so the bad guys don’t take advantage of common sense in the future.

So, Ted, darnit, ease off the fluster and don’t distract Secret Service from their Colombian vacation. It was a bad taste to compare Obama to a coyote.

What about investigation of Rev Wright’s statements? America’s Right is not any kind of personal threat to Obama. Unlike the Left, Right wing voters have rules and they keep those rules. I think Ted’s point is that the Right has been too nice, assuming that the Left will play by the rules. If anyone is a threat to America, it’s not the Right, so Obama is very safe, just as he should be because America is a nation of decent men and women.

I think Ted’s point was that the Right needs to wake up and expect that others won’t play by the rules. Let’s not get distracted from that idea. But Ted, do be a little less abrasive in the future. We want you to keep giving great speeches. Just learn, in your innocence, that other people might read into your words and imagine motives that would never have crossed your mind. Wake up, Ted, and realize that others don’t play by the rules.

Notwithstanding, Nugent should have been investigated long ago from that video of him shooting a keyboard. We all know that guitars are the invasive species in music. Maybe Secret Service will uncover evidence of poaching keyboards without a license… in “Ted’s world”…


Now, can we all relax and think about November’s election?

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