Standing up for the Majority

It’s high time somebody speak-up. In our age of political correctness, it seems that one demographic of people are radically overlooked, undermined, and oppressed every day. This group is made up of people who are black, white, red, orange, and mostly blue in the face. It is made of both men and women, young and old, underemployed and over-managed. What group am I speaking of? The despised group of people I’m referring to is best known as “The Majority."

The Majority of people in the United States ascribe to some form of Christianity, yet Christianity is the only religion that gets stopped in its tracks at every school. The Majority of the people are heterosexual, want to stay heterosexual, want to raise their kids as heterosexuals (so they will have grandkids,) and their only objection to the gay rights drama is vulgar people parading and imposing their sectarian ideals as the “new world disorder.” The Majority wants health care reform by getting government out of the system, not taking it over. The Majority want an option to join a working union that won’t eat the hand that feeds them. The Majority don’t mind being turned down for a job, so long as it isn’t because of their skin color; and they don’t want to get a job because of their skin color either. The Majority feel bad for the history of slavery and racial abuse and want to “learn from that past” it by “letting it go.” And if we were to talk about The Majority of the angels, that Majority thinks it was insane for Satan to have ever left Heaven and they want to exercise their irrevocable right to keep worshiping the God who created them.

It seems, however, that a small and few people think it is their right to choose for the majority. The small few tell everyone that the best way to earn a living is to go into debt for college without so much as a thought as to whether it's necessary for the life God has called an individual to. The small few hallucinate and construe racism where it doesn’t exist to keep themselves employed as speakers and authors. The small few think it is their constitutional right to vote themselves money from The Majority. The small few employ greedy attorneys through junk lawsuits that only drive up the cost of living for all of us who buy stuff.

The Majority doesn’t want to impose its ideals on everyone else, but it doesn’t want to have to pretend that it isn’t The Majority. Oppression against The Majority scales on the level of an action film plot, where the young reject grows up to oppress all the other people that he couldn’t be like when he was younger. I can’t say who the small few are, but the oppression will only continue until The Majority stands up for the rights of all people. My resolve is final. I’m standing up for The Majority.

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