Spineless, Brainless, and Feckless

..was their decision to cut advertising from Limbaugh. This is seen in stock values and avid attempts to return.

Businesses should take feedback—from CUSTOMERS. But these companies listened to the wrong crowd—failing to distinguish “business customers” from “cultural-ideological opponents”.

Instead of minding their own businesses, they let themselves get upset by routine media theatrics—which Rush has become callous to over the decades.

Credibility rule number one: Know when you are out of the league of your profession.

Rush Limbaugh and Larry King are experienced pioneers in “responsible” radio journalism. Carbonite is not and they shouldn’t have pretended to be—they should have stuck to backups. When Limbaugh was wrong, he admitted it. Carbonite should admit that they don’t know journalism—that would be “responsible” of them. Until then, I’m glad I chose Mozy.

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