Rookie Trump Defeats FOX Anchors

Rookie Trump Defeats FOX Anchors

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The first news anchor debate of the season! The news anchors finally lost a debate and it was to a rookie! This was Trump’s first time in the Big League. I did enjoy those actors in Frank Luntz’s “interesting” focus group.

These are the comments I wrote right after the debate, most of it before I even Tweeted that Trump was at “only” 37% on Drudge.

News anchors don’t like to lose in their debates against society. So, the FOX anchors will want a rematch.

Chris Wallace and Megyn Kelly literally pouted and looked up from a downward glance when Trump refuted them—Wallace on the 1 billion dollars and Kelly on the Rosie O’Donnell comment. Note that he wasn’t refuting the other candidates in those moments. The candidates debated the anchors, not each other.

Trump won for one reason: he got so much airtime and screen time. He may not win the primary, but he won the debate. The talking heads and the politicians couldn’t stop talking about him. Remember politics and press rule number 1: All press is good press. That’s how Limbaugh and EMINEM got famous, they provoked the press to complain about them. Gossip makes people famous every bit as much as legalism breeds sin.

Trump’s first answer clarified that he is already running in the gerneral election, not the primary. Frank Luntz’s “interesting” focus group wasn’t broad enough.

The question of party loyalty and Trump is whether the GOP is a viable party at all. Disgruntled Republican voters didn’t get a voice in the debate after-analysis.

Primaries and response isn’t over yet.

Drudge poll started at 37%. By 3:00am was past 48% for Trump. Only Christie was lower then Jeb. Republican loyalists and FNC staff don’t decide the primaries. Drudge readers do.

Trump was front and center and the “party loyalty” question gave him the opening statement before the opening statement. Independent voters will like him because he is not a party sellout. “Party loyalty” is an old mantra from Nazis and Communists.

Democrats’ hatred for Trump indicates that they think he will win the nomination. They should be grateful for Trump because he is giving Jeb’s super rich donors a run for their money. He’s giving FOX a run for their money. And he’s giving the GOP Establishment a run for its money. What’s not for Democrats to like about that? If they really believed he would lose and run third party, they would speak well of Trump to help make that happen. The other Republicans are angry about Trump not having party loyalty because that means he is more likely to draw the Independents and get the GOP nomination anyway.

He will likely get Pro Choice votes because voters are motivated to change when a leader has the guts to admit that he became conscientious and changed himself.

Rand and Trump should be best friends because they give each other so much time. I wonder if it was planned or of they are just good athletes honestly going at it. They are golf mates.

Trump owned the floor, literally. He gave money to most of the other candidates.

Christie came across as a mafia don. Carson taught, but didn’t lecture, but can’t win. We need a boxer not a coach.

Trump’s jab at Kelly made him more popular with the gals because many women won’t like Kelly for her own attitude, etc. I understand feminine jealousy enough to know that Trump spoke for many women in that moment.

We’re already getting lectured from the religious crowd about tone of voice—something Trump also dismissed in the context of people’s heads being cut off. People are not only sick of “proper tone” from politicians, they are sick of it from the pulpit, which is why voters are as absent from the GOP as parishioners are from Sunday morning. Someone should inform preachers that they don’t choose the GOP nominee either.

If sass and brashness were bad, FOX News would not be no. 1. Disdain for Trump from the feckless Religious Right Establishment is another example of how Churchianity’s worship of tone has repelled so many smart people from Sunday morning. It’s not what you say, nor how you say it, but WHY you say it. Trump says what he says to help the country. Preachers and politicians both use a friendly tone because they want donations. Trump pays his own way. That’s what they truly object to; “tone” is just their weak excuse.

Cruz and Huck are great, good for the country, and charming, but can’t possibly win because of their condescending Dallas rhetorical style. Normally style isn’t important, but, true or not, their Texas-teacher style of talking subtly suggests a similarity to the passive aggressive tyranny seen from people who use that same rhetoric on Sunday morning, which, again, people are so tired of.

Trump showed a new debate style: He argues like a boss talking to employees. And it works.

Also, remember that Trump probably views this, at least partially, through the eyes of a negotiator and Apprentice boss hiring only one person at the end of the season. So, the other candidates are informing him for dropout negotiations, while at the same time applying for the VP nominee. Walker, Cruz, and Paul are probably ahead with that, Walker and Cruz for doing so well and Paul for giving so much yack time. Carson could end up in the cabinet as Secretary of State. Trump and Walker kept looking to their right, where Carson stood, and away from Jeb.

It’s over for Jeb for three reasons: He did terribly in the follow-up poll at Drudge, his deep pocket donors now know that even if he gets the nomination Trump would split the vote, and if Trump can make Chris Wallace shut up over 1 billion dollars, he can make Jeb’s super rich donors do the same.

Again, this was chalked up as “Trump finally did himself in this time” by all the talking heads at FOX this time. I, of course, anticipated that they were wrong because we were in uncharted waters. Lo! I was more right than I anticipated. Every time Trump is said to have done himself in “this time”, he goes up in the polls. This shows us how much the media are incompetent when interpreting news. And, this time, FOX lost credibility. Frank Luntz could have lost his job for that focus group analysis that Kelly called “interesting”. Wallace and Kelly could lose their jobs for losing their debate against a political candidate. Bret Baier could lose his job for throwing Trump into his own brair patch with the entrapping question that only gave Trump the spotlight before the debate started.

Here are my own scratch notes taken during the debate and the after analysis:

Megyn Kelly’s anger at Trump

Candidates throwing apples at Trump gives him camera time

First question gave Trump camera time: pledge to the party

Now the Republicans have a megaphone louder than Obama’s

Trump uses selftalk patterns that work right in soundbites

Too much quick opinion about Trump… We just don’t know.

Most Trump naysayers were party loyalists or detail-oriented. Wallace was more big picture and less conclusive in his analysis.

Analysts and candidates couldn’t stop talking about him.

Men analysts kept saying women would be offended by him.

Insulting Kelly was a good thing.

Trump was not there to get Republican votes, he was there to steal them and he will succeed one way or another.

Trump stayed inside the time limits best among others, looked good. Last statement had no bell.