My open letter to Donald Trump and Pitbull

Dear Donald Trump and Pitbull,

I humbly ask that you meet together one-on-one. Here’s why:

I respect both of you, much for the same reasons. Trump says things my own “rich dad” would. Pitbull says it how my inner city homies would. Trump brought responsibility to television. Pitbull brought suits to hip-hop. Both of you are business geniuses and I see your words in harmony. You have been an inspiration.

To Pitbull:

I was inspired by your authentic response to Jorge. You truly are saddened by what you heard. I don’t see that from other celebrities who dis Trump. So, you’re the only one I’m asking.

When Donald said what he said about illegal stuff going on in America, neither you nor any of my Hispanic friends ever crossed my mind. I like your Hispanic culture and your “brilliance”. As a White guy myself, I think Trump does too. To me, you seem as brothers separated at birth, though he’s a bit long in the tooth and you’re a better dresser. He has good ties though. I own one. It saved my butt from an Asian boss who tried to take my passport. But that’s another story.

I’d like to see more Hispanic culture in America and less crime from any race. I think Trump can do that and I think you might agree. But we’ll never know if you don’t face-to-face with him, with a real open heart, honestly listening, and honestly telling him your objections, like real men do.

I can see how what he said could really come across badly. I’ve had people from other cultures, even my own culture, misunderstand me my whole life. It breaks my heart to see two men I respect for the same reasons not understanding each other. At least, if you meet with him, and if you don’t like him, you’ll have a lot of really good reasons and credibility when you don’t go to his hotels. Nothing to lose in talking with Donald.

For the record, I don’t think he said, “they’re rapists,” I think he said, “their rapists.” That’s because he has never spoken categorically ill of people any other time I heard him. If Trump is a racist, it doesn’t come through in his grammar that way, it would be a different way. He doesn’t rap that way.

Trump ain’t your enemy. The real problem is the elitist GOP who has dumped on all of us, caused two wars, and can’t win easy elections. I’m a Conservative, living as an alien myself in a foreign country, and I’m done with the GOP. I like Trump because his own system dumped on him. He deserves points for that.

Just open the door. That’s all I humbly ask. Finish it and remove all doubt. We’ll all respect you if you do, no matter what your conclusion.

To Donald:

I understand you because I had a my own “rich dad”. He recommend Robert’s book. He’d talk like you. My parents found it bombastic, but I understood him. And I understand you. And I think Pitbull could. But we’ll never know if you don’t have a real, genuine man-to-man.

You said you’d get the Hispanic vote. I believe you. But I think you can’t reasonably get their support and not also get Pitbull’s at least somewhere along the way.

And, Pitbull is an amazing communicator, as you are. He’s Hispanic and he raps in English. Wow, man. You need a friend like him to tell you like it is, from his heart, and tell you how to talk so the many cool Hispanics don’t misunderstand you on account of culture. You dealt with the Chinese culture, as have I. You know how we White guys get misunderstood. Pitbull could be an angel to guide some of your words.

Pitbull has good reason to be alarmed. I won’t make excuses, but I won’t say he’s totally crazy either. Though he disagrees, he thinks you’re smart, proving he’s not a typical Liberal who just hates you because you know how to talk real money. He raps real money. He gives you credit. That makes him unique among your critics.

Prove your ability to reach out. I believe you can. Many do. But we want a demonstration in our day. Talking to Pitbull will remove all doubt about whether you’re the man for the country. The many good Hispanics in Mexico also need America to be great again. So, do it for our country, but also do it for the Mexican people we both know you love.

To both you awesome guys:

Please. Face-to-face. Man-to-man. No cameras, no matter how much both your advisers say you need them. You aren’t afraid of each other.

But be careful. If you meet, the establishment won’t be happy. It would be too different for them. And yet, it’s the very difference that all of us need very much.