Life Attack

Have you noticed a trend in some places..

Employ people you’ll get labeled “greedy” because “money is in your bank account” before you give it away as paychecks.

Generate honest cash-flow and many governments think you are “hostile toward society.”

Teach that God’s love is our strength and you get accused of “encouraging lawlessness.” It’s difficult to keep morals when you don’t see their value. And it’s hard to see their value if you think they don’t come from a loving God. And it’s hard to believe God loves you when you only learn about morals.

Teach on the benefit of morals and you are “legalistic.”

Promote business ingenuity and educators will say you don’t understand business because you don’t have one of their hundred-thousand-dollar diplomas. Try telling that to Bill Gates, you know, the guy who dropped-out of Harvard.

Build people up and you are accused of “setting them up” for failure—and that the proper way to strengthen people by cutting them down.

Award a kid with third place because he came-in third place and you are “hurting his self esteem.”

Tell people how they can improve and you are “complaining.” (Wouldn’t the ‘complaining’ be from the guy who doesn’t want to improve?)

Encourage people who have been programed to think that they are worthless and the local authorities will accuse you of “inciting a rebellion.”

Offer useful advice and you have a “critical spirit.”

Stand up for honesty and you get slammed for being a “know-it-all.”

Help people have better relationships and you are promoting “deviance.”

Tell someone you want to see their progress before you accept their ideas and you are “unteachable.”

Appeal to God Almighty without your pastor’s permission and you get burned alive. (Ask Jon Huss.)

Claim that the earth isn’t the center of the universe and you are a certified “heretic.”

Give healing on the Lord’s Day and you are working too hard.

And God had better not claim to be Himself because that would be blasphemy.

Invaders and slave masters will always tell you that you are wrong for wanting the things that help us Live. They “say” they want you to “live” and that they want what’s in your “best interest..” so long as it involves them having control over you. They lecture you and play guilt games if you interfere with their true objectives.  Never cave to someone, friend or foe, who, for all their talk, still doesn’t love the things that promote Life.

Cynical contempt for the things that lead to Life is too rampant to be mere “human stupidity.” Evil is working somewhere behind the minds and hearts of those who say such things. Jesus calls us to, “Love the sinners and hate the sin.” When our friends reflect such incoherent nonsense our best response is to take our stand the moment we recognize it. Don’t give foolish “wisdom” an inch or it will take over the world in the next generation. Friends don’t let friends hate on Life.

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