Israel: The New Power in Southeast Asia

Israel: The New Power in Southeast Asia (mp3)

Few disguised blessings are less disguised than Israel. One article uses a map to explain the strength that one small country has against Statist Islam. Israel is all that stands between the West and the Middle East, the East and the Middle East, the North and the Middle East, and the South and the Middle East—and Israel is right in the middle.

taiwan-israelLooking at modern geography, it’s no wonder God chose Israel and no question what God chose Israel for. I don’t think even the thick-skulled Americans could stand against such opposition with such a small plot of land. Israel was chosen to protect the world, and for good reason.

There is a similar country in the Pacific: Taiwan. It’s about double the size of Israel and has the second-most dense population in the world—including the mountains that occupy 3/4 of its land! China hates this small island almost as much as Statist Islam hates Israel. Beijing has shown the world how afraid Communism is of one, small, free people by aiming 2,000 missiles at the island. Were it not for this island, those missiles might have pointed toward Vietnam and Milan and launched years ago. But they didn’t because of one small island.

The two have lot in common, Israel and Taiwan. But they haven’t known much about each other, at least until recently. Taiwan has been in Western news more and more as of late. This week, the Hamas attack on Israel made headlines in Taiwan.

If Taiwan and Israel learn about each other—if the world learns about their similar and complex relationship to the United States and the West—both the Communists and the Islam Statists will see their problems quadrupled. In battle, one should never let the enemy know what one fears. But that is what Beijing and Islam have done. The worst thing for Beijing and Islam is that their two, small, powerful enemies become friends. And that is also starting to happen. Why?

One week ago, Hamas attacked Israel. Online Gamers might call Israel a “tank”. All the surrounding enemies can blast it as much as they want, yet Israel sustains little to no damage. Hamas didn’t help their cause. They simply woke up Taiwan. Their attack against Israel, this week, is another blessing—a little more disguised, but not by much.

As an artistic, trivial side note, the people of Taiwan and Israel have another thing in common: They don’t like the symbols on their flags. It is also interesting that the sunburst symbol has a history with Israel, with reference to Egypt where they were enslaved 400 years. And, Israel’s converging triangles have thousands of years in history with Eastern religions and appear all over East Asia, including Taiwan. So, that’s another thing the two have in common: they dislike their symbols on their flags and each of them has a history with the other’s symbol. Maybe they’d be happy to swap… Whatever.

Of all the news in East Asia, Israeli news in Taiwan is the most significant. It doesn’t suggest any military alliance, though it’s foreseeable. It doesn’t suggest any change in US or Western policy, though it’s foreseeable. It doesn’t suggest that Beijing or Islam will get any smarter, though that’s quite not foreseeable. But it does tell us that the people are learning about each other. Knowledge has a longer reach than rockets and friendship is stronger than missile defense. The people are learning. That means peace, which is bad news for those powerful nations who have targeted two of the smallest nations in the world.

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