Hold on Tight..

N Korea now led by Kim Jong Un, American troops being planted all over Pacifica, Chinese all angry about it, and election season in US and Taiwan is fast approaching. This is about to get really interesting.

America, now not being in Iraq, has to find SOME place to “further America and her interests”—we just don’t know how to live in time of Peace, with each other or with others, we can at least agree on that much regardless of political affiliation. Just think.. all those troops in Iraq, and the Seventh Fleet has quietly remained at China’s doorstep the whole time. Now they are looking for a Naval Base in Singapore—why do we need another Naval Base, unless the Military knows something we don’t.

And we all know military smack-action when we see it. “Hey, China, we’re going to place 2,500 troops really close to you, in Australia. There’s no problem, however. And, we’ll start with 250 soldiers. That should be sufficient.” It’s like throwing a rock at a tank as a prelude to throwing ten rocks. The Chinese probably don’t know whether to be insulted or alarmed. ..and the whole “Australia” thing reminds me of Alexander’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.. Things not going well in the Mid East and Europe? Let’s move to Australia.

So, as Beijing ponders whether to be offended or to call their high-tech certified pre-owned Russian diesel aircraft carrier into service, North Korea has a Communist Dynasty change of administration. Oh, Dear Leader and oh, dear us.. Wars are NEVER about politicians getting re-elected.. no, never. No sarcasm here. Nosir.

But there’s one thing we Republican’s should be glad for: On Military, Obama is more like Reagan than Bush ever was. We red necks may not like to hear it.. but youknowit! I guess the Americans and Chinese are both irritated. A little irritation’s good for ya’, though.

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