Deal with It

People who tell me, “Life’s hard, deal with it,” are themselves not dealing with “life” in the fact that I’m here. They see me having an “impact” on the world around me and instantly assume that—since they only whine when they don’t agree with their surroundings—I must be whining too. They are whining about the fact that I refuse to co-exist with mediocrity. They want to change their own surroundings: ME. They preach an evangel of “tolerance,” but refuse to tolerate the agent of change. “Non-offense” isn’t their message, it is “staying in their easy rut” that they value. With all their talk about “..not making waves for others,” they don’t mind making waves in my own life.

It isn’t as if I’m bringing something bad. More creativity, more happiness, more fulfillment, freedom to “be one’s self” as God created each of us to be, receiving justice—even at the expense of some untalented power monger, preaching an empowering gospel message that God gave us commands “because” He loves us—so His love for us should be emphasized and will lead us to obedience, defending anti-cultural ideas of science that better explain and navigate our world and physical-emotional health, trying to do something new.. none of these things threaten anyone except untalented child-adults who are only wealthy because of the inheritance that was built by their self-made wealthy ancestors. They have real estate in their “rut,” don’t know how to survive change—especially good change, and fear eviction from the trench they dug for themselves.

If I can keep going, so can you. If I love them anyway, so can you. If I take eggs in the face, so can you. If I can stand-up, be wrongfully accused, excommunicated from a non-Catholic church, nearly deported from a foreign country, go on to seek reconciliation with those who slander me, tell a friend he’s wrong when it could cost me that friendship—and as a result grow the friendship all the more, then go and do it all over again.. so can you.

If you are one who get’s such flack, I only have on admonishment: don’t despise your opposition. People who throw their eggs at you are often those who want to believe in the truth of your quest most of all. The same jeering, that you get every day, once disheartened them. They gave up, conformed, joined the mediocrity of the masses, and still regret that choice in their inner-soul. You give them hope—hope which they think will only lead to more disappointment. They launch tomatoes because they WANT to believe.

(To the whining narcissist, however: your’ not bold, you’re just a whiner.)

Shame on you if you seek validation from others that only God can give you. Tomatoists are often your friends. Maybe they look up to you. Maybe you can rejuvenate their vision. So don’t try to get something from them. That will only lead to disappointment—THEY can’t be your cheerleaders. You are their cheerleader. Be strong.

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