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OPINION—Much of what we know from long history is anecdotal at best, coming from tradition. But could that actually be more credible than the academic obsession we have today?

General Eisenhower insisted that as many photographs as possible be taken of the Jewish Holocaust aftermath because, some day, so he claimed, someone would try to deny that any of it ever happened. Now, not even a century later, accredited academians and even Middle-East governments are making the denial Eisenhower predicted. What’s the point in certification if it doesn’t stop such obtuse lies? Perhaps, certifying the lies was Satan’s intention all along.

Tradition tells us that there were two zodiacs. Yes, TWO! The first was held by Noah (the guy with the ark) and his ancestors. Supposedly, Noah believed that the stars told a story of a loving Creator God who would redeem humanity through a suffering messiah borne of a virgin. However, as some believe, a second zodiac of the stars originated around the building of the Tower of Babylon, influenced by Lucifer, who taught that the Creator God was an evil tyrant who wanted to harm humanity and that a Satanic messiah would come through a virgin who would unite humanity and protect us from the “evil” God of Heaven. Obviously, the second zodiac tells the perspective of Satan’s propaganda to unite the world in rebellion against the returning Christ Jesus.

The second zodiac is what most of us are familiar with today, the origin of many false religions which split at Babylon, eventually extending to cult governments such as modern Iran, ancient Egypt, the Roman Caesar cult, and even into Roman Catholicism, by keeping pagan-Rome practices, changing mainly the names, and retaining many Satanic symbols. Because the unholy offspring of the second zodiac commandeered Christianity by way of Constantine—evidenced by burning their own Christians alive in the Middle Ages—secular and supposedly Christian academians claim that Christianity, too, came from the second zodiac. This is an obvious attempt to deceive even Christians to unite under Satan in “defense” against the  Justice of the supernatural and good God of Heaven, Jesus Christ, as explained in the Bible. For the record: God’s Justice will be no work of mankind and is not rebellion against human government. It’s purely from God and His supernatural angels, in His timing.

But academics didn’t always see things this way. Their obsession with accredited, denominational “Churchianity” didn’t prevent researchers from mislabeling one of China’s greatest and most civilly admirable Church movements—the Local Church of Watchman Nee. Our cult watchdogs thought they were a cult, from which the Chinese Communists decided to imprison and martyr them. Only recently have both American Christian researchers and the Chinese Communists discovered this error. Christian Research Journal Vol 32 No 6, 2009 showed integrity in setting the record straight. Bravo, Hank Hanegraaff! That article shows that it was not so much academics, but personal involvement with the Local Church of China that revealed the truth. Perhaps, personal encounter should be respected over accreditation.

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