Congressman Devin Nunes was surprised that people lie. When he appeared on Rush yesterday, he recalled being interviewed by members of the media, then lied about, then he declined their future requests for interview.

Didn’t he know?

Trump also demonstrated a similar learning curve—that people in the media lie. Bush, Reagan, Clinton, and Obama didn’t demonstrate any “learning curve” per se. The Bushes talked about it, but didn’t seem taken by it. Actually, they didn’t seem to care. They didn’t shift strategies like Nunes and Trump do. Neither were Clinton and Obama the least bit surprised when they complained about opposition in the media. Reagan was ready for it from the beginning, which makes him unique, I suppose.

Shortly after Nunes, Rush told a caller that reactions from the public bothered him earlier in his career, but that he eventually got used to it. Specifically, it was about being quoted, but not cited. Anyhow…

Why the learning curve? Have Nunes and Trump really faced no strong opposition to this point in their lives?

As for me, I’ve been in the middle of opposition all my life. It’s like I’m an “opposition magnet”. I’ve always had loyal friends and fierce enemies with little to no middle ground. I’m glad for it. I don’t want to be on national radio and TV acting as if I’m shocked that people lie when I’m 50, let alone 70.

The twist to all this comes down to “Churchianity”. Some of my biggest harassment—about the same kind of stuff people whine about with Trump—came from pastors. Funny thing, MLK, Jr. basically wrote as much from the Birmingham jail—to white, Evangelical pastors.

Making waves is bad, no matter how much a change is needed, so they seem to think. It’s as if status quo becomes the unspoken “god” of every establishment, especially religious. I refer anyone to the book Growing up Fundamentalist from 1995 to demonstrate that I was neither the first nor the only one facing abuse from religious establishments.

 Uma Thurman is finally leading a second wave against the entertainment establishment. Trump and Nunes are confronting political establishments. But, Many Christians are already veterans in the fight against corruption—and the backlash from hitting the target.

If you seek help or understanding, call a “churchless Christian”. If you want a conspiracy theory, consider that religious establishment swamps started draining long before the Potomac marsh.